16 March 2020

Coronavirus - From A Practical Survival Approach (3)

Tip 1. Resources Food:
Food is important and needs a specific post. In western civilisation, in general, we waste far too much food. Start cooking a little less, eating a little less. Plates should literally be licked clean - no more wastage.

Did you know carrot tops can be eaten, instead of put in the compost? If you are topping and tailing veg - then remove the absolute minimum. Stop peeling things like potatoes, parsnips, carrots - those peelings are all part of your valuable edible food. If you are peeling an onion - take off the bare minimum outer skin. Start eating the core of apples/pears. Pans tend to be put for wash up still coated with sauce/soup that could have been eaten. Bags of flour/cereal/coffee tend to be thrown out still with food within the bag.

One tea bag will give you in the region of five cups of tea - yet so many of us use one tea bag per cup of tea, then bin the tea bag.

Some of this sounds silly - but is so simple to effect. Just change your thinking - put yourself in the shoes of a starving African family - do you think they would be throwing away an apple core or not licking their soup bowls clean?

Any absolute essential food wastage should either be composted or fed to your animals/pets - thus cutting down on animal/pet food needed. Composting is important and I will cover that soon.

Cook a little less, eat a little less, most importantly stop all wastage

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