13 March 2020

Coronavirus - From A Practical Survival Approach (1)

Unfortunately not everyone is as organised as the preppers and survivalists; the likes of Irish Survivalist Group ISG and Irish Prepper and Bushcraft Store. Fair play to those guys.

With a family member in the middle of intensive chemotherapy - I am well aware of how dangerous the virus will prove for certain demographics. However the main risk is:

(1) Panic

(2) Reliance
many of us have on essential services we take for granted. Reliance there will always be food in the shops; petrol in the petrol stations; paracetamol in the chemist; a local doctor on hand; a local A&E that can attend to your broken wrist; a working phone network; and so on.

I am going to post a couple of simple/achievable survival tips here every couple of days; aimed at your conventional person/family living in a semi-detached house in a town, and probably not an organised prepper or a self sufficient farmer/forager.

Keep in mind that the full armagedon may come in time, as nuclear, virus, climate, meteorite, etc - but this in 2020 is not the armagedon.

Tip 1. Slow Down. Relax. Put Yourself In Control of what you can control and try not to worry about what you cannot control.

Tip 2. It would be silly and flippant to say enjoy all this; but Be Aware of the press media panic, social media panic, world-wide uncertainty, travel restrictions, supermarket food restrictions, quiet streets. You are living through a piece of history, that will be written into the history annals and told to your grandchildren. You have seen movies about this, but probably never imagined it would happen.

Tip 3. If your world is in upheaval; no work, kids at home, perhaps in self-quarantine (as we are), nowhere to go, nothing to do - then put up a Detailed Daily Routine on a big sheet of paper on your wall. In proper survival there is nothing worse then no definite purpose/no definite routine to your day. Everyone in your family needs to know how each day will run. When is breakfast? When is family walk? When is screen time for the kids? When is your personal time? When do you do your office work? When does your phone get switched off? Everyone needs to input and fully buy into this.

Digest these three tips
Put a detailed daily routine up on your wall

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