16 March 2020

Coronavirus - From A Practical Survival Approach (2)

Tip 1. Resources General:
Everything you have right now is a valuable resource. Get really clever with how you use your resources. If you start to worry about running out of matches when your match supply has dwindled, then it is too late. Right now you need to nurse all your resources and do not waste anything.

Can you light all the candles with just one match? Can you light the fire with half the firelighters you generally use? Can your dog be fed a little less dog-food? Is that car-run really necessary, or can you conserve your petrol? Will two glasses of wine do instead of three?

Three weeks of food in our normal day to day living can be stretched into five weeks of food no problem. However as I say, if you wait until your supplies are dwindling, then you have left it too late.

While you are in a good position resource-wise, get really clever with every resource you have

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