30 August 2018

Tin Can Stove

Take a tin can and pierce some holes around the
Add some fuel. Most fuels work but methylated
spirit is best.
Enclose with stones or logs to hold steady, trap
escaping heat and provide a pot stand.
Heating water in a glass bottle.
Lid partially on, same as a pan lid, to trap heat.
Cooking mussels in a stainless steel cooking pan.

21 August 2018

Mountain Skills 1 Course & Learn To Lead Climb Course Coming Up

Kicking off our training school season we have a Map Reading/Mountain Skills 1 in West Cork 1st-2nd Sep; and a six-day Learn To Lead Climb Course in Kerry 21st-23rd plus 28th-30th Sep.

Remember if you pay for a training course with us, you can repeat the same course again in the future free of charge.

For More Details:
086 860 45 63

Thanks, Nathan

15 August 2018

Looking To Move From Hill Walking To Mountaineering & Scrambling?

If you are a hill walker looking to get into scrambling and mountaineering, these are the skills you may want to have:

1. Rope Flake, Coil & Carry
2. Retrievable Classic Abseil
3. Bucket Seat
4. Body Belay Climbing
5. Body Belay Lowering
6. Placing A Sling Runner While Climbing
7. Using Terrain As A Runner While Climbing
8. Simple Climbing Calls
9. Only Move/Climb When Rope Is Tight
10. Never Ever Have Slack In Your System!
11. Direct Belay (belaying from your anchor)
12. In-Direct Belay (belaying from your body)
13. Direct Belay: Rope Friction Belay Around Rock Anchor
14. Direct Belay: Italian Hitch Belay From Sling, Around Rock Anchor
15. Know When To Turn Back
16. Interpreting A Weather Forecast
17. Testing Handholds, Footholds & Anchors

You can get these skills from a more experienced partner, reading, youtube or do a training course with us. If relying on youtube make sure the skills being displayed are proper best practice.

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