14 December 2011

Expanding To Galway - Step 4

Our first Galway Mountain Skills 1 Course ran last weekend, based from Kinvarra. The Burren landscape is an amazing place to walk and work, and our locations for each day of the Mountain Skills 1 were ideal, with minimal driving time to each start point. The hill training locations work better and have more features then I could have possible hoped for.

Mountain Skills 2 will also work well here from what I can see. I spent the day before the course calling into the farmers who own the hills and access points and they were all wonderfully welcoming and friendly. Our next MS1 in Galway is 25th & 26th Feb, with our next MS2 in Galway on 10th & 11th Nov.

Expanding To Galway - Step 4
I explored a superb lake near Kinvarra which is littered with islands, ruined churches and castle towers and has exciting potential for the future in terms of night kayak tours, cultural/historical kayaking and corporate challenge days or corporate team building.

As this property is privately owned, plus the fact it's a divergence from my initial Galway expansion plan, this product will be put on the back-burner for the time being, but it will be something I'll look at in about a year's time.

Galway City 3
Our Galway City Kayak Tour which I explored thoroughly was a little below expectations, as access to the city canals and impressive working docks is impossible. The tidal and river effects are substantial and I have some more work to do to find a suitable and professional meeting/access point for launching our kayaks; however despite all this I believe I can still put together a really good city kayak tour, which will explore a little of the docks, possibly paddle part-way into Galway City (tide permitting), paddle out to an abandoned lighthouse on Mutton Island near Salthill and possibly take in one other island, which has a beautiful grassy shoreline and a ruined 19th century watch-tower...
Galway City 18

Our Galway Bay Kayak Tour and Galway Sunset Kayak Tour will specifically be based from Kinvarra Bay and this trip, when I explored it, was far above my expectations. I'm confident I can run a superb guided kayak tour of Kinvarra Bay, with it's white rocky shoreline, dotted with cattle and horses, it's many, many islands, an ancient and intact castle, the busy boating village of Kinvarra and the abundant wildlife - especially curious seals!
Kinvarra 3

The next step is to complete a risk assessment of our operating areas, partially to gain county council permissions. This Friday we are interviewing four candidates for the Kerry instructor position. I also need to meet the Galway Harbour Master who I'm finding it hard to get hold of, plus find a suitable launching spot for our city kayaking - which our participants will be able to find easily...

24 November 2011

Mountain Skills 2012: Kerry, Galway, Wicklow

Kerry Mountain Skills 1 Dates:
21st & 22nd Jan
24th & 25th Mar
22nd & 23rd Sep
15th & 16th Dec

Galway Mountain Skills 1 Dates:
10th & 11th Dec 2011
25th & 26th Feb
21st & 22nd Apr
22nd & 23rd Sep
27th & 28th Oct
24th & 25th Nov

Wicklow Mountain Skills 1 Dates:
21st & 22nd Jan
21st & 22nd Apr
27th & 28th Oct
15th & 16th Dec

Price: €155 Per Person
Day 1: 930am - 6pm
Day 2: 930am - 430pm
Mountaineering Ireland Recognition
Beginners Welcome

Kerry Mountain Skills 2 Dates:
3rd & 4th Dec 2011
10th & 11th Mar
13th & 14th Oct

Galway Mountain Skills 2 Dates:
10th & 11th Nov
8th & 9th Dec

Wicklow Mountain Skills 2 Dates:
11th & 12th Feb
10th & 11th Nov
8th & 9th Dec

Price: €155 Per Person
Day 1: 930am - 930pm
Day 2: 930am - 430pm
Mountaineering Ireland Recognition

Kerry Mountain Skills Promo Dates:
28th Jan
29th Sept

Wicklow Mountain Skills Promo Dates:
28th Jan
29th Sept

Promotional Price: €30 Per Person
10am - 5pm
Pre Booking Essential
Hiking Boots Provided
Beginners Welcome

To Book Or For More Details Contact:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

21 November 2011

Expanding To Galway - Step 3

I spent the last few days in Galway, partially as a weekend off and partially as a chance to get some Galway expansion work done.

A morning meeting with Failte Ireland was fairly productive and highlighted several more areas of work to be done between now and our Easter launch date, mainly in terms of working with county councils and the harbour authority.

What's reassuring for us as a business expanding into a new area, is the fact that adventure tourism in Galway and Clare doesn't seem main-stream/established/majorly recognised; or certainly to my initial research. While boat trips and coach tours are big business and there's a lot we can learn from how they run their operations, especially in relation to their city centre booking booths, adventure tourism is a new and niche area that we can hopefully play a part in developing.

As work has progressed over the past couple of months it's become clear that there is a need for at least one more Outdoors Ireland instructor in Kerry, especially over this coming spring and summer; so I'm currently recruiting for a new team member...

Applications are beginning to come in and over the next two/three weeks we'll set up interviews and get another instructor on-board. There will be a long and intensive in-house training process to get the person au-fait with all of our practices and methods of running training courses and guided trips.

I need to get back up to Galway as soon as possibly, probably mid December now, to finish checking out kayak locations, meet landowners and just get things ready to have a proper product in place.

The main challenge I'm still grappling with is whether we really need a second work vehicle or not. While in terms of spending/cash flow it would be great to avoid buying a second vehicle, it's looking like it's going to be necessary, even simply in terms of looking professional in both of our locations.

25 October 2011

Position Available At Outdoors Ireland

Part-Time, Possible Full-Time, Instructor Position Available At Outdoors Ireland
Work Available In Kerry & Galway, Beginning Shortly
Outdoors Ireland Is One Of Ireland's Leading Adventure Training Companies
Check Out Our Media Page
Check Out Our Current Team

Minimum Qualifications Needed:

1. Level 2 Kayak Instructor
2. Mountain Leader
3. Rock Climbing SPA
4. REC Level 3

Ideal Qualifications:

1. Level 3 Kayak Instructor
2. Winter Mountain Leader
3. Mountain Instructor Award
4. Mountain Skills Course Director
5. Senior Sailing Instructor
6. REC Level 4
7. D1 Mini Bus Licence


1. Excellent People Skills
2. Excellent Team Work & Communication Skills
3. Desire To Excel At Your Work, Providing The Best Quality Courses Possible To Our Clients, Each & Every Day
4. Previous Full-Time Outdoor Experience Essential
5. Passionate Outdoor Enthusiast
6. Desire To Work Hard, Both Physically & Mentally
7. Good Knowledge Of Ireland's History/Legends & Desire To Learn More
8. Own Vehicle In Good Condition
9. Smart/Professional Appearance & Non-Smoker


1. Core Team Member Of Outdoors Ireland, Either Part-Time Or Full-Time
2. Working With Outdoors Ireland Team, Clients & Tourism Partners
3. Assisting & Running Training Courses - Click Here To See More
4. Assisting & Running Team Building Courses - Click Here To See More
5. Assisting & Running Adventure Breaks - Click Here To See More
6. Assisting & Running Kayak Trips - Click Here To See More

Work To Include:

Equipment Maintenance
Flyer Drops
Mountain Skills
Carrauntoohil Guided Climbs
Kerry Way Guided Hikes
Rock Climb Intro Days
Rock Climb Courses
Kayak Trips
River Kayaking
Kayak Courses
Team Building

Please Email CV To:


6 October 2011

Autumn Kayaking In Ireland

Autumn Kayaking In Ireland, On A Killarney Lakes Guided Kayak Trip.
Wild, Windy, Showery & Sunny Day - Typically Irish Weather!

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10 September 2011

Expanding To Galway Bay

This January We At Outdoors Ireland Are Going Into Our Seventh Year Of Operation From Kerry, Running The Best Training Courses & Adventure Trips We Possibly Can.

Here's A Blog About The First Few Years

Thanks To Our Valued Customers & My Excellent Instructor Team We Are In A Reasonable Position, Also Having Received Some Great Media Coverage, Are Number 1 On Trip Advisor & Are About To Be Sponsored By Kerry Outdoor Sports/Berghaus.

From Next Easter/Summer Onwards We Will Be Operating Full-Time From Galway, As Well As Continuing With Operations In Kerry As Normal.

Galway Will Be An Exciting Move & We Are Working On The Planning For It Right Now. To Begin With We Will Be Running Half-Day & Sunset Kayak Trips In Galway Bay & Rock Climbing Courses In The Burren.

I Will Be Moving To Galway To Run The Galway Operations, Plus The Main Office Will Also Be Moving There. Kerry Will Be Run By My Instructor Team, Including Ferghal & Barry, Under My Supervision.

I Will Keep You Informed Of More News As It Happens - Nathan

Photo By Valerie O Sullivan

19 August 2011

Kayaking & Hiking In Kerry

Some Photos From The Past Week

Carrauntoohil, After Ascending Curve Gully & The Grey Area

Devil's Spy Glass Lake, Near Brother O Shea's Gully

Looking Towards Tomies Woods & The Laune River Mouth

Sunset Over The Dingle Mountains

Cooling Off, Near The Bronze Age Copper Mines

Looking Across Kenmare Bay At The Beara Peninsula

Camamile Cross On The Kerry Way

Kerry Way From Caherdaniel, Overlooking Derrynane Beach

12 August 2011

Adventure Activities - Pay What You Like

Kerry Adventure Company, Outdoors Ireland, Are Running A Range Of ‘Pay What You Like’ Adventure Activities This Autumn

We Are Looking For Journalists/TV Programs To Do A Feature On This Beforehand, Or Joining Us For Part Of The Week In October.

Kerry Adventure Company, Outdoors Ireland, Are Running A Range Of ‘Pay What You Like’ Adventure Activities This Autumn, From Monday 17th - Sunday 23rd October, In An Effort To Combat The Recession And Create More Awareness Of What's Available In Ireland For Interested Adventure Enthusiasts.

Participants Will Be Able To Pay What They Like/What They Can Afford For These Unique Outdoor Adventure Trips!

Choose From Beginner Kayak Trips, Night Kayak Tours, River Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Climbing Carrauntoohil Or Map & Compass Training.

We Are Looking For Journalists/TV Programs To Do A Feature On This Beforehand, Or Joining Us For Part Of The Week In October.

We Can Also Involve Other Adventure Providers/Accommodation Providers Who Are Trying Unique And Innovative Ideas To Deal With The Recession And Generate Awareness.

Please Get In Touch With Nathan Kingerlee: info@outdoorsireland.com / 086 860 45 63

11 August 2011

Kerry Way - Old Kenmare Road

Following The 'Old Kenmare Road' With Killarney Valley In Background

Descent Towards Kenmare Town

Looking Over Kenmare Bay

Ancient Coach Trail, The Main Route Between Killarney & Kenmare At One Stage

Bronze Age Stone Circle In Kenmare Town

O Sullivan's Cascade In Killarney National Park

O Sullivan's Cascade In Killarney National Park On An Recent Kayak Trip Across Lough Lein & Down The Laune River

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31 July 2011

Pay What You Like Adventure Activities In Kerry

This Autumn, From Monday 17th - Sunday 23rd October, Join Us On One Or More Of Our Adventure Trips Or Training Days & Pay What You Like!

Choose From Beginner Kayak Trips, Night Kayak Tours, River Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Climbing Carrauntoohil Or Map & Compass Training...

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More Details Coming Soon!
No Bookings Being Taken Yet

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30 June 2011

Carrauntoohil Guided Hike

Approaching Devil's Ladder Yesterday

Christ's Saddle At Top Of Devil's Ladder, With Brida Valley (Prison Valley) In Background

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28 June 2011

Team Blog - Rogaine Event - Dorothy

The Rogaine Event held in the Wicklow Mountains and organized by Setanta Orienteers, caught my eye about 3 years ago when I got into orienteering in Cork. But it looked pretty serious stuff on the navigation side of things and I thought maybe sometime I could rope a friend or two into teaming up for it.

After doing a lot more on the navigation skills in the past year with Nathan’s excellent instructors (completed MS2 in February), I thought maybe I’d look at the 6hr event. Of my two friends who would have been up for it, one was going to be on honeymoon and the other had a family holiday booked, but this year they opened up the 6hr event to individuals as well. So on a day when I’m not sure I was thinking straight, I signed up.

To take from the organizers website (www.setantaorienteers.org/rogaine), “Rogaining is a sport of long distance navigation on foot for teams of two or more over a twenty four hour period. The object of the sport is to score points by finding checkpoints located within a specially mapped area within the allowed time period. As checkpoints can be visited in any order, strategy and teamwork are important features of the sport as well as endurance, stamina and navigational skills, with night navigation a key element. The team members must stay together at all times.”

From my own observation, the event caters for the casual hillwalker to the hard core orienteers (some of those on the 24hr would sleep out overnight in bivvy bags, or continue straight through the night, instead of coming back to base for a few hours sleep).

Feeling pretty nervous arriving for registration, our mandatory kit was checked and there was a chance to talk to a few fellow competitors. At 12noon, we received an envelope with a list of control points (CPs) and their grid references, and the clock started ticking… The first 20mins (depending how fast you were!) was spent transferring the CPs to the map, noting their scoring, and planning the route. I quickly struck off CPs that were way off at a distance, as I knew I wouldn’t be the fastest mover, so Plan A was to follow the blue route I’ve marked on the map as this could be followed in a relatively good sequence, however, noting the two rivers to be crossed.

More about Plan A in a bit. My other option was the red route taking in CP15 as the first control. Plan A went very quickly down the drain when I made a very basic error of misjudging our starting point and thinking a road above where we were was the one I wanted, it wasn’t…

Onto Plan B. However, this is where local knowledge came into play. I thought I could possibly take one of the forest rides through to hit about 500m below CP15, but the landscape had changed significantly since the map was published and local knowledge knew to turn left and take a more straightforward route, which in hindsight should have been my only route choice.

Realising there was no easy way through the forest, I discounted it and headed straight for an easy pickup of CP17…tick tock… nearly 50mins down already. From there I headed up a very sparse forest ride for CP6, again a rookie mistake with a 1:30000 map, I had the control marked at the wrong junction but quickly corrected it and with a few of us a little confused as to where it was due to disappeared trees, it was found. From there, I took a forest ride NE to hit the hills for CP7, a 400pointer.

This is where the REAL fun started - with the rain that had been pouring the past few days, the forest was just bog and I was really happy with my new (now filthy) Salomon trail runners and choice of very light running socks. Neither held the water or got sucked off me in the boggy ground. I’d lost any hope of keeping the feet dry for the 6 hours. Eventually reaching the forest edge, found a river crossing point, and onto the heather following a bearing to circle the hill and hit the path that ran from Pt718 to Pt 611.

With a long tiring climb through heather and peat bogs, I was cursing myself for my silly mistake at the start as I’d really have loved to follow my other route. Anyway…reaching the path, took a bearing, and getting excited thinking I’d be hitting CP7 soon…mmmmm. A boulder…so, I reached the contour where this elusive boulder should be, no kite to be seen (I did see a deer!), saw a boulder in the distance way below the pacing, and thought “no way, can’t be that one, maybe I should check..no! don’t, you know it’s not it! otherwise I’ll be checking every boulder I see!” I must have wasted 30mins trying to figure out what had happened, and where I was.

Finally I decided I’d head up to the steep contour where the boulder should be and circle around to head for the next CP (had done my usual veering left off course). Rounded a corner, and what’s this? A big BIG boulder… and yes it was the one I’d wasted so much time looking for. I just had to take some more time to take a photo! Heading away from there, I felt quite happy as I knew the next one would be OK, headed straight up to the path, took a bearing to hit the river gully above CP10 and tracked down (remembered a discussion from MS2 about ‘bearing off’). Down to the road, have a Mars bar while considering my next option. I considered a trek along the road and take a track to CP9 for the last one, but with 1hr30 left, 4k round trip to get it, with 4k from current position back to base, and points docked for each min late, I decided my weary legs had had enough. By the time I’d get back it would be around 13k covered, 1250 points collected, but compare that to one of the mixed teams who collected 3000+points, I’ve a lot of work to get near that standard!

Getting back to base to a cup of coffee and sit down with the midges, I reflected on the afternoon, the mistakes I’d made, what I’d do different next time, thought of how quickly 6hrs passes and how much I’d really enjoyed it. Will I be signing up again next year? Absolutely. Will I do the 24hr? I seriously doubt it, I think I’ll stick with the 6hr for the moment! Well done to Setanta Orienteers for a great event and thanks to Nathan & the two Daves whose voices popped into my head during the day.

14 June 2011

Rock Climbing Give-Away - Kerry Outdoor Sports

We Have Teamed Up With Kerry Outdoor Sports To Give Away A Learn To Rock Climb Course & €80 Gift Voucher! More Details On Our Website Blog: http://www.outdoorsireland.com/blog

1 June 2011

Moving Home (Blog)

Our Outdoors Ireland Blog Is Moving Across To A Blog Housed On Our Updated Website. Click Here To See Our New Blog

We Will Still Post The First Paragraph/Photo Of Blog Posts Here, But Will Then Link Across To Our New Blog. I Hope This Won't Cause Any Inconvenience. Thanks, Nathan Kingerlee

31 May 2011

Killarney Summerfest 2011

Outdoors Ireland Have Teamed Up With Killarney Summerfest To Run Outdoor Adventure Trips This July In Killarney. Choose From Kayak Trips Across The Lakes Of Killarney, Sunset Kayaking, Climbing Carrauntoohil Or A Night Climb Of Torc Mountain!

Kayak Trip Across The Lakes Of Killarney
Spend a relaxing morning or afternoon exploring the deep, sparkling Lakes of Killarney by kayak or canoe, with an expert guide. Beginning at 15th century Ross Castle, paddle into Lough Leane, discovering wooded islands, limestone caves and local history. With an experienced, qualified guide learn the skills to master your kayak and keep a look-out for white-tailed sea eagles as they soar above Killarney National Park. Land at the ancient ruins of Innisfallen Abbey; once a leper colony, now home only to native red deer.

Sat 23rd : Sun 24th : Mon 25th : Tues 26th : Wed 27th : Thurs 28th : Fri 29th : Sat 30th : Sun 31st

Book Now
All Equipment Provided
Beginners Welcome
Pre Booking Essential
€50 Per Adult
/ €45 Per Child
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

Sunset Kayaking
Watch the sun set in the west over Killarney National Park and Dingle. Kayak silently past rustling islands and sleepy swans. Land at the mystical 6th century abbey ruins on Innisfallen Island and hopefully glimpse some of Ireland's last native red deer. Return by kayak to Ross Castle in twilight, and possibly moonlight, as nightfall creeps over the oak and yew woods...

Sat 23rd : Sun 24th : Mon 25th : Tues 26th : Wed 27th : Thurs 28th : Fri 29th : Sat 30th : Sun 31st

Book Now
All Equipment Provided
Beginners Welcome
Pre Booking Essential
€50 Per Adult / €45 Per Child
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

Climb Carrauntoohil, Ireland's Highest Mountain
Climb through glaciated corries, past deep mountain lakes and along ice-carved ridges to stand on Carrauntoohil's lofty cloud-strewn summit! From the top of Ireland's highest peak savour breathtaking views over the Iveragh, Beara and Dingle Peninsulas, as far as Skellig Michael and the Blasket Islands. Discover legends and local history with an experienced, knowledgeable guide, as you explore the majestic MacGillycuddy Reeks. On a misty day enjoy the excitement of swirling cloud, piercing rays of sunshine and the occasional treat of views revealed through a friendly parting in the clouds.

Tues 26th : Sat 30th

Book Now
Hiking Boots Provided
Beginners Welcome
Pre Booking Essential
€75 Per Adult / €65 Per Child
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

ght Cimb Of Torc Mountain
Hike through Killarney National Park to the summit of Torc Mountain, overlooking Killarney and Dingle Bay. Savor the evening peace as night falls over Kerry, before returning through ancient oak woods...

Wed 27th

Book Now
Hiking Boots Provided
Beginners Welcome
Pre Booking Essential
€50 Per Adult / €45 Per Child
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

23 May 2011

Spectacular Sunset Kayak Tour

Innisfallen Abbey, Nestled On Innisfallen Island, Home To Some Of Ireland's Last Native Red Deer

The Yew Tree In The Foreground Has Possibly Had High King Brian Boru Sitting Under Its Boughs, Studying; As He Spent Several Years Being Educated Here

Innisfallen Abbey Ruins

Ross Castle In The Background, One Of Ireland's Final Strongholds To Fall To British Forces

Sunset Over The Bottom Of Lough Lein & The Dingle Mountains

Ancient Oak & Yew Woods Of Ross Island In The Background

Purple & Tomies Mountains In The Background

Sunset Through One Of The Killarney Lakes 32 Islands

Return At Dusk, With Torc & Mangerton Mountains In The Background

Click Here To See More Details On Our Sunset Kayaking

11 May 2011

Kayaking Gear For Sale

Kayaking Gear For Sale
Cag - €20
Helmet - €15
Bouyancy Aid - €15
Wetsuit, 3m Steamer - €25
Neoprene Spray Deck - €20

Contact Us For More Details:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

Upcoming Adventure Places - Kerry

Upcoming Outdoor Adventure Places In Killarney, Kerry.
We Are Also Available For Separate/Extra Bookings.

Thurs 12th
Morning Kayak Trip On Killarney Lakes
10am-1pm : €50 Per Person

Fri 13th
Sunset Kayak Trip, With Landing On Innisfallen Abbey
7pm-930pm : €50 Per Person

Sat 14th
Afternoon Kayak Trip
2pm-5pm : €50 Per Person

Sunset Kayak Trip, With Landing On Innisfallen Abbey
7pm-930pm : €50 Per Person

Tues 17th
Guided Climb Of Carrauntoohil, Caher & Beenkeragh,
Ireland's Three Highest Mountains

9am-5pm : €75 Per Person

Wed 18th
Full-Day Lough Lein & River Laune Kayak Trip
10am-4pm : €75 Per Person

Thurs 19th
Full-Day Rock Climbing In Gap Of Dunloe
10am-4pm : €75 Per Person

Fri 20th
Sunset Kayak Trip, With Landing On Innisfallen Abbey
7pm-930pm : €50 Per Person

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd
Howling Ridge Training & Climb
9am-5pm : €200 Per Person

Sat 21st
Afternoon Kayak Trip
3pm-6pm : €50 Per Person

Sat 28th & Sun 29th
Learn To Rock Climb Course
10am-4pm : €160 Per Person

Equipment Provided
Check Out Our Team!

To Book Contact Nathan/Ruth:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

Sunset Kayak Tour On Killarney Lakes, Returning To Ross Castle

10 May 2011

Sailing The South West Coast

Sabaro Under Sail On Day 1

Clearing Dursey Sound, Against Wind & Mild Tide

Dursey Island

Dursey Island

High Seas Rounding Crow Head

Higher Seas Rounding Crow Head!

Mouth Of Crookhaven On Day 2

Leaving Crookhaven Bound For Baltimore