30 October 2016

Getting Lost With No Idea Of Where You Are

Getting Lost With No Idea Of Where You Are; No Map And No Compass. Here Are Some Simple Rules For Finding Your Way Back To Civilization:

1. Head downhill, not uphill
2. Head downstream, not upstream
3. Follow linear features, such as a path/stream/river/spur/power line/tree line. They will often and eventually lead to a road and the road will lead to civilization
4. In swamp try to circle around until you find an exit stream to follow
5. In forestry trees are often planted in rows, so try follow a straight line row, to ensure you do not walk in circles
6. In mountains try follow a spur or re-entrant downhill - looking for a stream to follow
7. In a lake situation try to circle around until you find an exit stream to follow.
8. Animal tracks will sometimes lead to water, so can be useful to follow if all else fails

23 October 2016

Forest Navigation / Jungle Navigation

Forest Navigation / Jungle Navigation:

I am putting together a really awesome two-day course covering the skills for forest/jungle navigation. Course content being developed at the moment and I will have 2017 spring dates for this soon. The course ties into both our Mountain Skills Scheme and our Bushcraft Survival Skills Scheme.

This two-day course will be based in a mix of rolling deciduous forestry, dark partially impenetrable coniferous forestry, plus deep swampy overgrowth; and will run close to Glengarriff/Cork.

More details here soon. In the meantime if you are interested in booking onto this please email bushcraftireland@gmail.com. Thanks, Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

18 October 2016

Mountain Tip - Walking Pole

Mountain Tip - Walking Pole:
Carry at least one walking pole (even strapped to your backpack if you do not usually walk with one).

This can be used to work your way through bog and swamp; helps your balance crossing streams; stabilises you in windy conditions; can work as a simple crutch and can be separated into three short lengths to splint a fracture.

Finally; although not encouraged; for a real short distance, two poles can be rolled up into the sides of a bivvy bag/survival bag (one on each side) and a makeshift stretcher made.

15 October 2016

Coming Up

This is what we have available coming up the next while:

Sat 22nd Oct @ 10am
Glengarriff Bay Half-Day Sea Kayaking Tour

Sun 23rd Oct @ 2pm
Glengarriff Bay Half-Day Sea Kayaking Tour

Mon 24th Oct @ 10am
Killarney Lakes Half-Day Kayak Tour

Sat 19th - Sun 20th Nov @ 930am
Mountain Skills 1 Training In Wicklow

To Book Please Contact Nathan Here: http://www.outdoorsireland.com/contact.php

7 October 2016

Acorns Are Ready For Eating

The acorns right now are delicious to eat. Collect the ripe acorns; roast for five mins in red embers (or until brownish); then split the outer acorn shell with a knife or sharp stone and enjoy the white/brown nut inside!