27 March 2016

Hypothermia & Hyperthermia

Hypothermia - Too Cold

Normal Body Core 37.4 Degrees C

1. Shiver Start

2. Shiver Stop

3. Switch Off

4. UMBLES  (Stumble/Mumble/Fumble/Grumble/Tumble)

5. Drowsy

6. Unconscious  (28 Degrees C)

7. Cardiac Arrest (24 Degrees C)

Definitely By Step Four Above (UMBLES) You Are Calling 112 For Mountain Rescue

Being Too Cold Turns Into Hypothermia

Hyperthermia - Too Hot

Normal Body Core 37.4 Degrees C

1. Sweat Start

2. Cramp/Headache/Dizzy/Nausea

3. Sweat Stop

4. UMBLES  (Stumble/Mumble/Fumble/Grumble/Tumble)

5. Unconscious  (41 Degrees C)

Definitely By Step Three Above (Sweat Stop) You Are Calling 112 For Mountain Rescue

Being Too Hot Turns Into Heat Exhaustion, Which Then Turns Into Heat Stroke/Hyperthermia

This is a simple partial guide, as a resource, for students completing our training courses. This is not to be fully relied on as there are in-depth sessions for prevention, recognition, treatment, evacuation of both hypothermia and hyperthermia.

Marie from Remote West First Aid runs our in-house REC First Aid Training and I highly recommend her. Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

Rock Climbing & Dawn Kayaking This Week

23 March 2016

Please Send A Text Message For A Last Min/Urgent Enquiry

Spring is here! Frogspawn has hatched.
Just awaiting the cuckoo arrival...

Work is pretty busy thankfully. I will get back to emails/calls as quickly as possible - thank you for your patience!

For a last min/urgent enquiry/booking please send a text message to me - 00353 (0) 86 860 45 63.

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13 March 2016

Back To Emails/Calls On 22nd Mar

Out of office for a few days. Back to emails/calls on 22nd Mar.

All our upcoming courses/tours have at least two places on them if you are looking to book - thanks so much for your patience!

Coming Up Available In Mar:
Dawn/Sunrise Kayaking : 22nd : 6am-9am/€60pp
Intro To White Water Kayaking : 22nd + 24th : 10am-4pm/€160pp
Killarney Lakes Kayaking : 23rd : 10am-1pm/€60pp
Rock Climb Gap Of Dunloe : 25th : 10am-4pm/€80pp
Killarney Lakes Kayaking : 26th : 10am-1pm/€60pp

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10 March 2016

Outdoors Ireland Weekly Update

Some recent photos from the work I have been involved in. Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

Bushcraft Training In Kerry, Map Reading & Dealing With Hypothermia In The Wicklow Mountains, Making Sloe Gin Dark Chocolate...

2 March 2016

The OI Golden Rules For Mountain Navigation!

The OI Golden Rules For Mountain Navigation!

1. Use The Five Ds (Direction, Distance, Duration, Destination, Description)

2. Handrail Features As Much As Poss

3. Have A Cut Off Point

4. Have Three Tick Off Points

5. Use Attack Points As Much As Poss

6. Always Set Your Map & Double Check It

7. Practice Your Map Memory

8. Hold Your Map Using The Thumbing Method

9. Primary Features Are Better To Use Than Secondary Features

10. Work In 500M Or 15 Min Legs