27 January 2021

Scrambling Calls


  1. Climb When Ready
  2. Climbing



  1. Take In  (tighten the rope)
  2. Slack  (loosen the rope)
  3. Below  (danger, something falling)



  1.  Safe
  2. Take In
  3. That's Me
  4. Climb When Ready
  5. Climbing



  1. Go Over There
  2. Safe
  3. Can I Take You Off Belay
  4. Yes
  5. You Are Now Off Belay
  6. OK
  7. Safe
  8. Take In


  • Stick To The Calls Only
  • Use Each Others Names Before Each Call, On Windy/Noisy/Convoluted Routes
  • Line Of Sight Rule
  • Straight Line Rule
  • Stop As Soon As A Suitable Belay Presents Itself

22 January 2021


Reflections - this day a few years ago - getting ready to hit the water...

4 January 2021

The Cow & The Calf

Got out the day before lockdown for a paddle. Out from Dursey Island to The Cow and The Calf. Everything was stunning! Some really cool tidal rips. This was a cathedral-like arch right through The Cow, where we stopped for a cup of tea.

1 January 2021

Happy New Year & Thank You!

Happy New Year. Thank you so much for all your support in 2020, and hope to see you on the hills, cliffs or water in 2021!