29 October 2009

Christmas in Killarney

Sat 26th Dec
Climb Carrauntoohil, Ireland's highest mountain!
Ascend through misty corries to stand on Ireland's highest peak, overlooking the Iveragh, Dingle & Beara peninsulas. With local experienced guides discover the area's legends & history.
Price: €65 per person
Time: 9am - 5pm

Sat 26th Dec
Stephen's Day Kayak Trip
Kayak the deep waters of Lough Leane, overlooked by Ross Castle and Killarney National Park. Wrapped in warm wetsuits, explore the sheltered lake shore & thickly wooded islands.
Price: €50 per person
Time: 11am - 2pm
Sun 27th Dec
Kayak Trip
Kayak the deep waters of Lough Leane, overlooked by Ross Castle and Killarney National Park. Wrapped in warm wetsuits, explore the sheltered lake shore & thickly wooded islands.
Price: €50 per person
Time: 12pm - 3pm

Sun 27th Dec
Climb Carrauntoohil (Experienced Walkers)
Climb through glaciated corries, past deep mountain lakes and along ice-carved ridges to stand on Carrauntoohil's lofty cloud-strewn summit!
Price: €65 per person
Time: 9am - 5pm

Mon 28th Dec
Rock Climb in the Gap of Dunloe
Discover the fun & excitement of rock climbing in the ice-carved, impressive Gap of Dunloe, in the company of qualified instructors.
Price: €50 per person
Time: 10am - 1pm

Tues 29th Dec
Kerry Way, Black Valley & Gap of Dunloe
Hike the rugged & beautiful Kerry Way, through the silence of the Black Valley & the glaciated Gap of Dunloe, to finish at Kate Kearney's Pub with a hot drink.
Price: €65 per person
Time: 10am - 4pm
Wed 30th Dec
Climb Mullaghanattin
Climb the high, impressive peak of Mullaghanattin, standing at 776 metres above sea level, deep in Glencar valley, overlooking the three peninsulas.
Price: €65 per person
Time: 930am - 430pm
Thurs 31st Dec
Coomasaharn Horseshoe
Discover the delights of the peaceful, spectacular glaciated Coomasaharn Horseshoe, with it's deep lakes and sheer cliffs.
Price: €65 per person
Time: 930am - 430pm
Fri 1st Jan
Knocknadobar & Dingle Bay
Hike along the very edge of Dingle Bay, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Climb past ruined famine cottages to the peak of Knocknadobar, then descend an ancient trail past Glendalough Lakes.
Price: €65 per person
Time: 10am - 430pm
10% Discount for 4 or more people!
Looking for accommodation in Killarney over Christmas?

28 October 2009

Muckross Lake Monster

It all began in January 2004 when the Irish Charr Conservation Group discovered some strange results from their echo sounder read-outs in Muckross Lake. They were surveying fish-life in Kerry's ice age lakes when their hyroaccoustic equipment stumbled across an 80 metre long object.
''We have been unable to identify what exactly the image is, but we know that it is not a computer or logging error as the gear was functioning normally'' said Andrew Long, specialist fisheries consultant with River Monitoring Technology.

A dubious photo, taken in 1981, exists which shows an object rising out of the water. I have my doubts as to how genuine this image is, but click here to see the photo and scroll down the page.

Going further back in time, many Irish legends exist in the Killarney and the MacGillycuddy Reeks referring to a Piastha, Worm, or Serpent. In fact one of the lakes high in the impressive Black Valley is told to have been formed by a great serpent; while in the MacGillycuddy Reeks one of the peaks is called 'Cnoc na Peiste' (Peak of the Serpent).

September of this year saw some video footage recorded of strange happenings in the edge of Muckross Lake, which can't be fully explained. See the below video.

Some scientists believe it may be a giant 20 metre white eel, grown to a monstrous size by the plentiful food supply and warm murky waters; others believe it may be an ancient pre-historic creature.

Until we know more it's advisable that you don't go onto the Lakes of Killarney, especially Muckross Lake, by yourself.
Avoid walking too near the water's edge, where the ground drops steeply into deep water.
With the darkening evenings if you walk in the National Park, let someone know where you're going.
Carry a torch as bright light should dazzle any creature you may stumble upon and may give you an opportunity to escape.
If you do encounter any creature run as fast as you can!

If you have any more facts please leave a comment here.

26 October 2009

Killarney Hill Walking & Kayaking

This October Bank Holiday Weekend we hiked through the isolated and rocky Horse's Glen under the cliffs of Mangerton Mountain; we climbed Carrauntoohil, ascending O'Shea's Gully and descending Heavenly Gates; and we did a refreshing kayak trip on Lough Leane into some of the limestone caves.

Last Minute Places

Some last minute places this coming week if you fancy doing something outdoors and adventurous with myself and Ferghal.

The coming week looks like lovely autumn weather, with mild temperatures, warm south westerly breezes, cool autumn rain showers & brilliant golden colours spreading through the hills and woods.

Wed 28th & Thurs 29th
Kayak Skills Training
Level 2 Kayak Proficiency
Learn strokes, techniques, rescues & safety awareness needed to kayak safely as part of a group on flat water, plus enjoy the spectacular autumn views of Killarney National Park.
Price: €160pp
Wed 28th
White Water Kayaking
Excitement, adrenaline and training for white water kayaking on either the Caragh or Flesk River.
Price: €75pp
Wed 28th (Evening 730pm)
Evening Night Hike
Along the Kerry Way, over the Windy Gap & into Glenbeigh village
Price: €10pp
Fri 30th
Climb Mount Brandon
Price: €65pp
Sat 31st Oct
Climb Carrauntoohil, via Caher & Caher Ridge
Price: €65pp

To book contact Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com; 086 860 45 63

19 October 2009

Men Wanted

I'm looking for single men!

Teaching people how to kayak in a straight line, read a map or rock climb; I never thought that four years later I'd be on the hunt for single men in their 30s and 40s...

Here I am though, with the Singles Adventure Weekend fully booked with females, but still needing a few more males. We've committed to having a 50/50 split of guys and girls for the weekend and we're going to make sure that it happens.

There will be approx 24 people altogether taking part in the weekend, which will include hill walking, kayaking, rock climbing and relaxing over a pint and great food in Glenbeigh village, on the weekend of 31st Oct & 1st Nov.

So if you know any single men out there who may be interested in this weekend get in touch!

I'm going to be talking about the weekend on Dublin City 103.2 FM this Wed 21st if you fancy tuning in - http://dublincityfm.ie

12 October 2009

Team Work & Team Building

When I choose my team, experience and qualifications are important. More importantly however are team qualities and communication skills.

A team without team work; I often imagine as a football team who's members run at break-neck speed towards their opponent's goal, sometimes breaking through the opposition to score, due to their own strengths and individual skills; but many times failing and wasting opportunities.

Take those same members and inspire them to support and encourage each other, communicate with each other and pass the ball between each other. Take each player's individual strengths and skills; blend them and focus them, not on scoring goals, but on performing as a highly tuned team and the results will follow.

This year I think businesses and companies battened down their hatches, payed their bills and dealt with daily work. I can identify with that myself, even though this year has been our busiest year over the past four.

2010 will be a tougher year, with less money in our pockets, according to some. Others say the worst is over. Who knows?

What I do know is that for a company or team to develop and thrive 2010 will be a year when everyone needs to Stop, Look and Listen.
Team Work and Clear Communication are going to be two of the keys to a company, not only surviving, but also thriving.
This applies to every organisation from an I.T. company of two hundred to a contractor with three part-time staff.

Stop your ceaseless hard work, phone calls, emails and meetings for a day.

Look outside your organisation, at the opportunities that are available and the chances that should be taken. To some extent look at what your industry leaders are doing, but better still look at what you can do to become your industry leader.

Look inside your organisation and ask yourself the following:
What do we want to achieve?
How are we going to achieve it?
What are we doing well?
What needs improving?
How can we improve it?
What are we doing badly?
What's no longer worth doing?
Are the best people in the best roles in the best teams?
How can we empower people within teams to perform at their best?
How can we empower teams to perform at their best?

Listen to your customers and team.
My best ideas come from my customers. My best plans are made with my team. Team Work and Communication are such vital and powerful building blocks that with a good team around me I feel anything is possible!

Team Building programmes come in many different forms, from a one-day course to a five-day course, designed around each specific team's objectives. They're geared for all abilities and set in an outdoor environment, involving projects designed to raise learning points, bring simmering conflicts and issues to the surface or empower a team to perform to their maximum.
Regular open discussions and debriefs happen in an informal way, with the team very much bringing up their own learning points and issues.

Some of the learning points usually raised are:
Encourage Opinions within Team
Planning & Preparation
Understanding Tasks
Time Management
Cooperation & Inclusion

Commitment by all Team Members
Dependability & Trust
Goals & Objectives
Enjoy Problem Solving
More Face To Face Interaction
Identify Team Strengths & Weaknesses
Understand Everyone's Role

For me, the enjoyment of running team building courses, comes from working with a group of people who's priority is working as a team. We focus on working as a team, we become a team, we produce results, our customers are happy.

It's hard to explain the satisfaction and enjoyment of working within a team for a greater objective...

If you're interested in more team building details, or would like to discuss options contact Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com or +353 (0) 86 860 45 63.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts and comments.

5 October 2009

Singles Adventure Weekend

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''This was a really well-organized weekend and a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are up for a challenge. I even ended up hitting it off with someone in the group and we've been together since.'' Helen

Killarney, Kerry
Spend an adventurous weekend with fun, like-minded people, adventure activities, delicious food, luxurious accommodation, great craic and Killarney's excellent night life!

It will be a fantastic opportunity to meet similar-minded people in a relaxed and fun setting, while hiking Kerry hills, kayaking across lakes, climbing sandstone cliffs, experiencing a night walk and plenty of other surprises!

Don't worry if it all sounds too strenuous... This weekend will be suitable for all levels, from beginner upwards. There will also be plenty of relaxing; healthy food and the occasional pint, plus a chance to experience Killarney's pubs and music.

Based in Killarney, at the luxurious four star Randles Court Hotel, the weekend will begin with arrival on Friday evening between 7pm and 8pm, followed by a night walk through Killarney National Park, with the option of a pint before bed!

Saturday and Sunday you will spend hill walking, kayaking, rock climbing and tackling team challenges, working together in small teams!

Saturday evening will be spent relaxing and chatting over dinner, before exploring Killarney. The weekend will finish on Sunday afternoon at approx 430pm.

All transport, food and equipment will be provided. There will be a 50/50 split of males and females and the age profile will be 26 - 45.
The price is based on twin room sharing, although there is the choice of paying an extra single-supplement of €50 for a single room.

11th & 12th Sept
16th & 17th Oct
4th & 5th Dec

Price: €198pp non-residential

Price is €295pp residential
Residential Price Includes:
Night Walk/Adventure Challenges on Fri
Adventure Activities on Sat & Sun
All Equipment
Qualified Instructors
Two Nights Twin-Room Accommodation
Two Healthy Breakfasts
Two Gourmet Picnic Lunches
One Delicious Evening Meal
Collection from Killarney Train/Bus Station & Kerry Airport
Transport All Weekend
Drop Off at Killarney Train/Bus Station & Kerry Airport

Please Ring For Availability Before Booking

Email: info@outdoorsireland.com
Tel: +353 (0) 86 860 45 63
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''It was a great weekend and really loved it all. It was extremely well organised, the food was brilliant and the events were great - a fantastic way to do something different and meet new people, it was just perfect to have a 50/50 mix - I have told everyone how brilliant it was! And will be watching for your next one!'' Ciara

''Just to let you know I thought the weekend was great and even though I struggled with my unnaturally low level of fitness I was thrilled that it was a bit of a challenge - I still haven’t stopped congratulating myself for climbing a hill! Am sure they will go well for you in the future - and I have been telling a load of single friends how much fun it was!'' Grace

Competition Winner

Congratulations Marcella!
You've won a free place on our Singles Adventure Weekend this 31st Oct & 1st Nov. We're also going to use some of your suggestions throughout the weekend...

Despite plenty of other emails full of excellent suggestions, Roisin and I are both agreed that Marcella's entry is the best. Some of her ideas that we'll be using are an evening night hike, kayaking and blindfolded food tasting!

I'm finalising the weekend right now and will post all the details later today...

Some other great suggestions that we received:
Sea Cliff Climbing, from Lorraine
Team Orienteering from the middle of nowhere back to Glenbeigh, from Cillian
Tandem Bike Riding, from Siobhan
Car Pooling for traveling & IPod Pass Around, from Pete
Overnight Camping, from Aeneas

Thanks Roisin for helping me to choose a winner and an especially huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter into our competition. I really appreciate the effort you went to.

Click here to book!

1 October 2009

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Take a walk on Kerry's wild side this Halloween and do something a little bit different!
Fri 30th Oct
Climb mighty Mount Brandon, overlooking the Dingle Peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean.
Sat 31st Oct
Summit Carrauntoohil, through glaciated corries and along narrow ridges, to stand on Ireland's highest peak!
Sun 1st Nov
Climb Mullaghanattin, deep in the remote Glencar valley, to enjoy spectacular views of the mist-strewn Iveragh Peninsula

  • Book for one, two or all three days
  • Hiking boots can be provided
  • Price is €65pp, per day; or €170pp, for the weekend
  • Contact info@outdoorsireland.com or 086 860 45 63