28 June 2019

Bushcraft Skills 1 Course Available To Book For July

Due to request a last minute Bushcraft Skills 1 Course has been scheduled for 10th & 11th Jul, in Glengarriff/West Cork.

More details here: www.outdoorsireland.com/bushcraftsurvival.php

Get in touch please if you are interested in booking:
00353 86 860 45 63

26 June 2019


I know it can be awkward, but next time you are about to buy or accept something plastic; from a shopping bag, to a toothbrush, to a bottle of water or a takeaway coffee cup - just think this is how it ends up. This is the industry and environmental devastation we are adding to...

21 June 2019

Simple Climbing Gear Care

A question often asked on climbing courses is how to look after your gear. It's pretty straightforward. Any gear, (ropes/slings/hardware/harness) that is muddy, gritty or has been on sea cliffs gets rinsed well in fresh water; then hung to air dry out of direct sunlight.

Check ropes/slings/harness for abrasion. Check hardware for flaking, fracturing, gate stiffness or anything else obvious. Then hang somewhere dry, air temperature and out of sunlight.

15 June 2019

Bushcraft Skills 1 Syllabus

Bushcraft Skills 1 Syllabus:

Bushcraft V Survival
Order Of Priority
Rule Of Three

Efficient Movement
Efficient Gathering
Camp Consideration
Environment Consideration

Base Camp Shelter
Debris Shelter

Improvised Shelter
Survival Sleeping

Fire Building
Fire Management
Fire Cooking
Fire Utensil
Fire Tripod
Pot Hook
Pot Hanger

Water Gathering

Water Sterilisation

Knife Skills
Cordage Skills

Wood Ash
Wood Charcoal
Wild Foraging

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