30 September 2015

4 Simple Navigation Tips

There can be so much to navigating across the mountains and moors, using map and compass, and a huge toolbox of skills! With our bushcraft training we have needed to super-simplify navigation, because (although it is important) it is a very small part of bushcraft syllabus.

So in terms of super basic navigation this is what I have whittled it down to:
1. Set Your Map, Then Double Check It!
2. Navigate In 15 Minute Or 500 Meter Sections
3. Use Three Tick Off Points On Each Section For Guidance
4. Use One Cut Off Point On Each Section To Finish

Mountain Skills Resources Here
Bushcraft Resources Here

Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

22 September 2015

Finish Of Summer Kayaking & Start Of Training Season

This week sees the wind-down of our summer kayaking tours and also the re-start of our winter training season. Here is an update on what is coming up over the next few weeks:

Dawn/Sunrise Kayaking : Thurs 24th Sep
6am - 9am : €55pp

Killarney Lakes Kayak Trip : Fri 25th Sep
10am - 1pm : €55pp

Bushcraft Skills 1 : Sat 26th - Sun 27th Sep
9am + : €180pp

Sunset Kayaking : Mon 28th Sep
6pm - 9pm : €55pp

Killarney Lakes Kayak Trip : Fri 2nd Oct
2pm - 5pm : €55pp

Wicklow Mountain Skills 1 : Sat 3rd - Sun 4th Oct
930am + : €165pp

Killarney National Park Full-Day Kayak Trip : Sun 4th Oct
10am - 4pm : €80pp

Kayak Skills Level 3/River Kayak Skills : Sat 10th - Sun 11th Oct
10am - 5pm : €160pp

Learn To Rock Climb/RC1 : Sat 17th - Sun 18th Oct
10am - 5pm : €160pp

For More Details Please Contact Nathan On info@outdoorsireland.com

17 September 2015

Salmon As Emergency Food

Found this salmon washed up on Lough Lein. Towed it home with some bracken cordage, for the dog.

In a serious situation it could be eaten, as the flesh was not yet decaying.

A slow fire-bake wrapped in damp moss; followed by a flame-roast on a stick, to hopefully kill off anything bad.

Only eat a small amount though!

15 September 2015

Bushcraft Survival Tip: Seashore Foraging

Bushcraft Survival Tip:
One hour of seashore foraging in rock pools last week, at low tide.

Crabs; two little fish; two nice sized shrimp - all caught by hand.

Quick boil in fresh water or salt water. Plenty of food for two people for a meal, and this is without cooking up all the edible seaweeds.

Catching the fish by hand is done by cornering them into the narrow/shallow end of a rock pool and then flicking them out onto the rocks/sand.

Catching the shrimp by hand is done by a very slow, then very quick, hand snatch. You can also part net them with your hat; if you are happy to sacrifice your warm dry hat. Not advisable to net them if you just have one hat; or no way of drying it easily such as beside your cooking fire.

Caught three more fish also, but put them back as they were a little too small, in terms of responsible foraging.


5 September 2015

Out Of Office

I am out of the office for the next week so to make a last min booking please send a text message to +353 (0) 86 860 45 63. I will be back to email on Tues 15th Sep. Thanks, Nathan

4 September 2015

Mountain Skills 1 Training This Weekend In Galway - Kinvara

Short notice, but we have one, possibly two, spaces come available for a Mountain Skills 1 Course this weekend in Kinvara, Galway. For more details or to book please contact Nathan on 086 860 45 63.

Click Here To See MS1 Course Syllabus

1 September 2015

Dawn & Sunrise On Lough Lein

A cloudy red dawn and sunrise on Lough Lein last Friday, with countless rainbows and double rainbows throughout the trip...