14 March 2007

Mountain Skills Syllabus

Ordnance Survey Maps.
Scale, Symbols, Grid References & Contour Features.
Map Setting, Feature Recognition & Self Location.
Distance Measurement.
Time Calculations for Distance & Height Gain.
Timing & Pacing.
Compass Bearings & Compass Resections.
Navigation Techniques.
Navigating using Map only.
Navigating using Map & Compass.
Route Planning.
Night Navigation.

Personal Equipment
Personal Clothing.
Personal Equipment.
Emergency Equipment.

Moving on Steep Ground
Route Finding & Route Choice.
Safe Havens.
Moving on Steep Ground: Ascending, Descending & Traversing.

Emergency Procedures
Likely Incidents / Accidents.
Incident / Accident Procedure.
Mountain Hypothermia.
Mountain Rescue.

Mountain Skills Assessment

Attend BOS Recognised Mountain Skills Training 1 & 2.
Completed Logbook; with 14 Quality Hill Walks in the year prior to Assessment.
First Aid Certificate (Preferably Rescue Emergency Care 2 or 3)

Day 1
Written Test.
Day Navigation.
Night Navigation.

Day 2
Steep Ground Work.

Equipment Needed
Normal Hill Walking Equipment.
Waterproof Backpack Liner.
Spare Clothing.
Map & Compass.
First Aid Kit.
Survival Bag.
Emergency Food.
Hot Drink.
Head Torch.
Spare Batteries.

Howling Ridge

Looking back at 'The Fingers' on Howling Ridge.