13 July 2019

Mountain Skills 1 Coming Up In Burren Hills, Kinvara/Galway

As well as our nearly daily kayaking trips in Killarney National Park; and Glengarriff Nature Reserve; we have a two-day Map Reading/Mountain Skills 1 coming up in the Burren Hills/Galway this 3rd & 4th Aug, with two places left to book.

Please Get In Touch To Book:
086 860 45 63

6 July 2019

Starting A New Vegetable Garden

Starting a new vegetable garden in between kayak trips. Making a major compost heap from those invasive weeds like dock, thistle, nettle; rotovating; planting and watering clover as initial 'green manure'; making a bee hotel. Now we just need rain!

2 July 2019

Good & Simple Bushcraft/Camping Food

'What's good food or simple food to bring bushcrafting or camping' gets asked on our bushcraft courses. To that I would say:

1. Tinned Soup
2. Tinned Baked Beans
3. Pasta & Tomato Sauce
4. Sausages
5. Fish
6. A Lump Of Meat
7. Bread & Cheese & Salami
8. Nuts & Dried Fruit
9. Regular Fruit

You are looking for nutritious/high energy/good quality food. Anything with salt, such as peanuts, is good for your hydration (drink plenty water also). Anything with fluid, such soup/pasta sauce, is also good for your hydration. Food in tins can often be heated directly in the tin. Avoid quick-fix stuff. Pre-cooked packet meals can be fine (like wayfarer meals), but ultimately much better to be cooking basically and properly yourself. Leave the packet meals at home!

The physiological benefit of a hot cooked and hydrating meal at least twice a day (breakfast and dinner) is huge.