27 April 2009

Yoga Adventure Breaks

''This yoga adventure weekend was great! I couldn't possibly pick my fav activity... Had so much fun! The accommodation, the food, the attention from all of you, Bridget, Nathan, Daniel... everything has made this weekend worth going back for more. Keep it going guys! :)'' Maria, Dublin
The time may well have come to relax and disconnect from the world around us. We're offering you the chance to get back to basics and nature with a weekend of yoga and laid back outdoor activities in Kerry.
Morning strolls overlooking the beach, yoga and relaxation techniques, gentle kayaking in the afternoons and leisurely hiking and biking through Kerry's spectacular landscape should help you remember the important things in life.
Combined with luxurious guesthouse accommodation, locally sourced organic food, steaming pots of tea and fresh cakes this promises to be an invigorating and healthy weekend. For those of you who can’t handle all this goodness you can pop down the road for a pint in the local pub, this is all about kicking back and enjoying yourself.
Both the yoga and activities are designed for all abilities from beginner upwards. Experienced yoga teacher Bridget Moriarty will be running the yoga classes and your relaxing weekend will be spent in the luxury and comfort of Kerry Ocean Lodge in the seaside village of Glenbeigh.
Contact www.outdoorsireland.com; info@outdoorsireland.com or +353 (0) 86 860 45 63.
Price is 275 per person residential
Price Includes:
Transfers from Kerry Airport, Train & Bus Station; Tapas & Wine on Arrival Friday Evening; 2 Nights Luxurious Twin Room Accommodation; 2 Fresh Breakfasts; 2 Delicious Picnic Lunches; Healthy & Scrumptious Dinner; Yoga; Gentle Kayaking, Hiking & Biking; Boat Trip through Lakes of Killarney
Price is €190 per person non residential
Price Includes:
2 Fresh Breakfasts; 2 Delicious Picnic Lunches; Yoga; Gentle Kayaking, Hiking & Biking; Boat Trip through Lakes of Killarney
12th,13th & 14th June
3rd, 4th & 5th July
14th, 15th & 16th Aug
11th, 12th & 13th Sept
2nd, 3rd & 4th Oct

Party at The Ross

Come to The Ross, Killarney, for an exciting weekend of kayaking & rock climbing. On arrival we'll welcome you with a tasty gourmet burger & drink in The Lane Bar where you can get into the groove of your weekend with a DJ & lots of fun company.
Over the weekend you'll spend an afternoon's kayaking on the Lakes of Killarney & a morning's rock climbing in the Gap of Dunloe. Don't worry there will be plenty of time for R&R back in The Ross & around Killarney town!
All equipment will be provided & all abilities catered for.
Complimentary collection from Kerry Airport and Killarney Train & Bus Station.

Price 195 per person
Price Includes:
2 Nights Twin/Double Luxurious Accommodation
2 Delicious Breakfasts
Gourmet Burger & Drink on Arrival on Fri Evening
Treats for Adventure Trips on Sat & Sun
Half-Day's Kayaking
Half-Day's Rock Climbing
All Equipment
Collection from Kerry Airport and Killarney Train & Bus Station

To book contact www.theross.ie; info@theross.ie or 064 66 31 855

17 April 2009

Vision Impaired Hiking, Canoeing & Rock Climbing

Hike through the rustling woodlands of Killarney National Park; explore the rocky Kerry Way; canoe across the lapping waters of Lough Leane or experience the fun of rock climbing. These simple pleasures are accessible to everyone and are a great way of keeping fit and healthy as well as experiencing a wonderful sense of well being.

The great thing about outdoor activities is that up to all five senses can be stimulated; from the feeling of warm sunshine or soft rain on your face, to the sound of splashing waves; from views over ice-carved countryside or black mountain lakes, to the tangy taste of wood sorrel in your mouth, or sharp smell of pine forests.

Tailored for individuals, families and groups, with partial or full sight loss.

For more details contact Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com or 086 860 45 63.

Preventing Mountain Incidents

Three Steps to Preventing an Incident or Accident in the Mountains

1. Skills & Knowledge
2. Awareness of Potential Hazards
3. Correct Gear to Prevent a Minor Incident Becoming a Serious Incident

1. Skills & Knowledge

  • Complete a training course
  • Build up experience with other skilled hikers
  • Plan your route carefully
  • Be aware of any difficult or dangerous sections
  • Have escape options planned so you can cut your walk short
  • Know the weather forecast and apply the forecast to your walk

2. Awareness of Potential Hazards

  • Cold - Hypothermia: plenty of layers; spare clothes, hats & gloves; hot drink; don't sweat; stay dry; temperature drops by 1 degree per 100 metres ascent approx
  • Heat - Dehydration/Sun Stroke: plenty of water before walk; drink water all day; avoid coffee; don't be hungover
  • Rain/Sleet/Hail: wrap up; stay dry & warm; keep backpack contents dry
  • Wind: wrap up; avoid heights, cliffs & saddles; pick shelter at lunch; don't let map get blown away
  • Streams/Rivers: don't jump from rock to rock, in case of injury; never cross anything above your boots
  • Steep Ground: small groups; stay close together; test each foothold & handhold; communicate; stop a slipping person before they begin falling
  • Rock Fall: stop a slipping rock before it begins falling; shelter against the mountainside; shout 'below' to warn others; protect head & don't look up
  • Snow/Ice: good equipment; be prepared for conditions; things are often much more serious; ground can be covered from sight & make walking difficult
  • Ability: know your limitations and your friends limitations
  • Improper Equipment: cheap & cheerful gear will do a good job up to a certain level, but you will get what you pay for; even if it's a sunny day pack your backpack for all situations
  • Medical Problems: does anyone have any medical problems & if so do they have their medication with them
  • Darkness: begin early; carry torches & spare batteries
  • Remote Areas: not everywhere has phone reception; 4/6 hours is average time for mountain rescue to reach you
  • Lightning: don't stand on hill tops!
  • Bogs: don't fall into them! the greener it is, the deeper it is

3. Correct Gear to Prevent a Minor Incident Becoming a Serious Incident

  • Don't overload your backpack but at the same time don't be complacent about what gear you carry
  • Have a rucksack liner, or bin bag, to keep your backpack contents dry
  • Always carry a hot drink - hot ribena or hot water are good
  • Whistle, to use if someone gets lost, if you get lost or if you want to attract help
  • Torch, to use if you get caught in darkness
  • First aid kit with bandages & plasters
  • Charged mobile phone
  • Double survival bag for warming up someone who's very cold
  • Kissu/Group Shelter for keeping whole group warm, or for lunch on a wet, windy day
  • Have enough gear in your backpack to be able to wait safely for mountain rescue for 4/6 hours

Most Common Injuries:

Injuries or incidents will lead to hypothermia fairly quickly if not treated

What is Hypothermia?

  • Gradual Cooling of Body Core

What Causes Hypothermia?

  • Cold, Wet
  • Tired, Hungry
  • Dehydration, Stress

How Will I Recognise Hypothermia?

  • Shivering
  • Umbles - Stumbling, Mumbling, Fumbling, Grumbling
  • Shivering Stops

How Will I Treat Hypothermia?

  • Call Mountain Rescue
  • Dry Clothes, Lukewarm Drink
  • Survival Bag, Kissu/Group Shelter, Reassurance

How Will I Prevent Hypothermia?

  • Route Choice, Weather Awareness
  • Group Awareness, Fitness
  • Equipment, Food & Hot Drink

It may only take one or two factors to cause hypothermia and there may only be one or two recognition signs

Early recognition and treatment is vital!

Click here for details of Mountain Skills Courses

Basic Hiking Equipment List

14 April 2009

Outdoor Adventure in Killarney over Easter

Exploring caves!

Taking a break on Lough Leane

Just below Carrauntoohil, overlooking Rossbeigh Beach & Dingle Bay

Climbing Caher, on the Coom loughra Horseshoe

Biking through the impressive Black Valley

Lough, deep in the Black Valley

Hiking into the Brida Valley, over the mountain pass ahead

Contact Nathan for more adventure details

3 April 2009

Rock Climbing Promo

Thanks to www.sct.ie, Killarney's Outdoor Shop, for sponsoring this weekend. They've a great range of climbing shoes, harnesses and all other climbing gear.

Upcoming Rock Climbing & Scrambling Days
No Experience Needed

Rock Climb & Abseil in the deep Gap of Dunloe
Sat 4th Apr - €65pp
Sun 5th Apr

Tues 28th Apr

Climb on sunny sea cliffs overlooking Dingle Bay
Mon 6th Apr - €65pp
Wed 29th Apr

Scramble the spectacular MacGillycuddy Reeks
Thurs 9th Apr - €65pp
Sun 19th Apr

Rock Climb & Abseil in Dalkey Quarry, Dublin
Sun 26th Apr - €70pp
Sat 9th May
Sun 10th May

To book contact info@outdoorsireland.com or 086 860 45 63