28 June 2016

Extra Mountain Skills 1 & Rock Skills 1 Course Dates

Due to to demand we have put on some extra Mountain Skills 1 dates for Killarney and Glengarriff this July/August; plus an extra Learn To Rock Climb Course this August.

Learn To Rock Climb : Gap Of Dunloe : 13-14 Aug

Mountain Skills 1 : Killarney/Kerry : 30-31 Jul
Mountain Skills 1 : Killarney/Kerry : 13-14 Aug
Mountain Skills 1 : Glengarriff/West Cork : 26-27 Aug

To Book Please Contact Nathan Here

27 June 2016

Primrose Uses

Primrose - the flowers are delicious to eat, leaves can be made into a wound dressing and the root can be dried and made into a tea for headache, cough and nerves.

16 June 2016

A Day In The Life Of A Sika Deer

A day in the life of a Sika deer, on Innisfallen Island. Thanks to our guide, Tomas, who took these shots while out on a guided kayak tour.

9 June 2016

Learn To Rock Climb + Mountain Skills 1

This weekend (11th & 12th Jun) we have two spots left for our Learn To Rock Climb Course in the Gap of Dunloe. Beginner friendly and price €160 per person.

Next weekend (18th & 19th Jun) we have two spots left for our Mountain Skills 1 Course in the Wicklow Mountains. Beginner friendly and price €170 per person.

For more details please contact Nathan:
086 860 45 63

1 June 2016

What Kit To Carry In The Mountains?

Kit to carry to be fully self sufficient/fully safe in the Irish and UK mountains.

Full Breakdown:
Backpack (not too big/not too small)
Waterproof Backpack Liner (heavy duty bin bag will do)
Waterproof Coat & Pants (always carry)
Walking Pole (can be used as crutch/three way splint/streams)
First Aid Kit (within more waterproof layers)
Mobile Phone (fully charged)
Water (two litres at least)
Hot Drink (hot/sweet/sugary drink best, especially for a casualty)
Survival Bag/Bivvy Bag (get a double size bag)
Foil Blanket x 2 (to be wrapped around body under outer layers)
Storm Shelter/Kissu (have one the correct size for your party)
Laminated Map + Spare Paper/Photocopy Map
Silva Type 4 Compass + Spare More Basic Compass
Head Torch + Spare Batteries (reverse batteries in head torch to prevent wastage)
Blister Compeed Plasters
Whistle (separate from any backpack built in whistle)
Hat + Gloves + Mittens x Main Set
Spare Hats x 2
Spare Gloves x 2
Spare Fleece x 3 (for pure emergency)
Spare Pants x 1 (for pure emergency)
Sun Cream

Nice To Have But Not Essential:
GPS (reverse batteries to prevent wastage)
SAM Splint (for stabilising a fracture)