6 December 2017

Mountain Skills 1 Coming Up In Burren Hills - Galway

Mountain Skills 1 Coming Up In Burren Hills - Galway

I have a Mountain Skills 1 in Burren Hills/Galway on 16th-17th Dec. If you want to learn how to map read, navigate competently across the hills and mountains, plus use a compass, get in touch!

The aim of this course is to make you self-sufficient, get you off the trails and into the wild hills. This is a fully accredited Mountaineering Ireland training course.

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Thanks! Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

22 November 2017

Tips For Bushcraft/Survival Gear

Tips For Bushcraft/Survival Gear

Keep your survival gear simple and of very good quality. Take the time to buy the more expensive gear (if that is what is needed) and amass what you need slowly. Better to have a small amount of gear and know how to use it really well; than bags of gear and lacking in proper survival and bushcraft skills/practice/training.

Get outdoors as much as possible and train.

Have the tools to fix your gear also kept in your gear bag, for example a screwdriver for the handle of your cooking pan...

Keep things simple. One of the biggest skills I have seen is the ability to improvise - make do with what you have, not what you would like to have.

Two Great Outdoor Shops In Ireland


A Great Survival Blog

Outdoors Ireland Bushcraft Resources


10 November 2017

Kingfisher, Little Egret & Eagles On Glengarriff Bay Sea Kayak Tour

Brilliant sea kayak tour yesterday - saw two eagles, multiple seals, a very special 'little egret' and a dazzling blue kingfisher dipping among the seaweed 😀

Next sea kayak tour in Glengarriff Bay is Sun 3rd Dec, 2pm - 5pm!

5 November 2017

Dawn Sunrise Kayak Tour Today

Amazing dawn kayak trip this morning! Huge white full moon lighting the way. Impressive red stag watching us; superb blazing sunrise over the hills and a double rainbow over the oak woods. Then back for Gubbeen rashers! Not enough photos to do the trip justice unfortunately.

21 October 2017

Learn To Rock Climb In Kerry + Mountain Skills 1 In Wicklow

Coming up on 4th & 5th Nov is a Learn To Rock Climb Weekend (beginner friendly) in Gap Of Dunloe.

Followed by a Mountain Skills 1 (beginner friendly) in Wicklow Mountains on 18th & 19th Nov.

Places available for both weekends. To book a place please contact info@outdoorsireland.com or +353 (0) 86 860 45 63.

Learn To Rock Climb Course Details

Mountain Skills 1 Course Details

17 October 2017

Dawn & Sunrise Kayaking Photos

Some beautiful dawn and sunrise kayaking photos sent in from a client, who joined us on the Killarney Lakes very recently.

9 October 2017

Open Canoe Skills Training On A Blazing Sunny October Day

Open Canoe Skills Training On A Blazing Sunny October Day

Spent the day covering Canoeing Ireland Level 2 Open Canoe Skills, plus sailing, fishing, how to set up a canoe for sleeping overnight, capsise drill, canoe x rescue and canoe re-entry.

4 October 2017

Survival Skills Course

Three-day Survival Skills Course coming up, running in the wilds of Glengarriff, West Cork. Dates are Fri 3rd - Sun 5th Nov or Thurs 21st - Sat 23rd Dec.

For more details please get in touch on 086 860 45 63 or info@outdoorsireland.com. Thanks, Nathan

28 September 2017

Availability For Sat 7th Oct

Some availability has come up for Sat 7th Oct and depending on demand/numbers I am thinking to run one of the following courses in Glengarriff:

Wild Food Foraging Day : €80pp

Kayak Skills Day (Level 2) : €80pp

Map & Compass Navigation Day : €80pp

Stealth Module (for survival, tracking, hunting or military escape + evade) : €80pp

Please drop an email to info@outdoorsireland.com if you are interested in any of these on Sat 7th Oct. Thanks, Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

12 September 2017

Upcoming Training Courses & Kayaking Trips

Upcoming Training Courses & Kayaking Trips

Mountain Skills 1 : Killarney : 16th-17th Sep

Mountain Skills 2 : Killarney : 23rd-24th Sep

Learn To Rock Climb/RC1 : 29th Sep-1st Oct

Learn To Lead Climb/RC3 : 29th Sep-1st Oct Plus 6th-8th Oct

Mountain Skills 1 : Glengarriff : 14th-15th Oct

Killarney Lakes Kayak Trip : 15th Sep : 10am + 2pm

Dawn/Sunrise Kayaking : 17th Sep : 6am

Dawn/Sunrise Kayaking : 19th Sep : 7am

Killarney Lakes Kayak Trip : 21st Sep : 1pm

Killarney National Park Full-Day Kayaking : 22nd Sep : 10am

29 August 2017

Learn To Lead Climb Course Starts This Fri 1st In Gap Of Dunloe

Learn To Lead Climb/RC3 Starts This Fri 1st In Gap Of Dunloe

This is a six-day course, divided into two blocks, aimed at making you a safe and self sufficient climber. Some places left to book. Beginner friendly. If interested please get in touch on 086 860 45 63 or info@outdoorsireland.com