10 December 2022

All 2023 Course Dates, For Training & Assessment

My main blog has moved here, however here are all the 2023 dates for outdoor training courses and outdoor assessment courses. Thanks, Nathan

Lowland Leader Training:
7th – 8th Jan 2023
11th – 12th Mar 2023
24th – 25th Jun 2023
29th – 30th Jul 2023

25th – 26th Nov 2023

Lowland Leader Refresher:
1st – 2nd Apr 2023
22nd – 23rd Jul 2023
23rd – 24th Nov 2023

Lowland Leader Assessment:
21st – 22nd Jan 2023
26th – 27th Aug 2023
16th – 17th Dec 2023

Camping Leader Assessment:
26th Feb 2023
18th Jun 2023
23rd Jul 2023
20th Aug 2023

Bushcraft Skills 1:
18th – 19th Feb 2023
18th – 19th Mar 2023
22nd – 23rd Apr 2023
9th – 10th Dec 2023

Bushcraft Skills 2:
29th – 30th Apr 2023

Bushcraft Skills 3:
20th – 21st May 2023

Bushcraft Skills Week:
24th – 28th May 2023
25th – 29th Oct 2023

Bushcraft Navigation 1:
9th - 10th Mar 2023

Bushcraft Survival 1:
1st - 2nd Apr 2023 (Two-Day Course)
19th - 21st Apr 2023 (Three-Day Course)
(Also Called Survival Skills 1)

RC1 / Learn To Rock Climb:
29th – 30th Apr 2023

RC3 / Learn To Lead Climb In Six Days:
5th – 7th May Plus 12th – 14th May 2023
13th – 15th Oct Plus 20th – 22nd Oct 2023

Mountain Skills 1 Glengarriff/Cork:
14th – 15th Jan 2023
3rd – 4th Jun 2023
1st – 2nd Jul 2023
7th – 8th Oct 2023

Mountain Skills 1 Killarney/Kerry:
4th – 5th Feb 2023
18th – 19th Nov 2023

Mountain Skills 1 Kinvara/Galway:
4th – 5th Mar 2023
2nd – 3rd Dec 2023

Mountain Skills 2 Glengarriff/Cork:
28th – 29th Jan 2023
25th – 26th Mar 2023
26th – 27th Apr 2023

Scramble Skills 1:
11th – 12th Feb 2023
25th – 26th Nov 2023

Scramble Skills 2:
16th – 17th Dec 2023

Scramble Skills 3:
3rd – 5th Nov Plus 10th – 12th Nov 2023

Kayak Skills – Kayak Strokes – Beginner Friendly
Most Sunday Mornings Throughout Summer, In Glengarriff Bay
This will give you the skills to be a safe and self sufficient kayaker

Kayak Skills – Kayak Rescues – Beginner Friendly
Most Sunday Mornings Throughout Summer, In Glengarriff Bay
This will give you the skills to be a safe and self sufficient kayaker

For Details Or Bookings Please Contact OI Course Director, Nathan Kingerlee
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

26 June 2022

Moving Blog To New Website

After using this blog platform for the past seventeen years; ever since I set up my business (back in 2006!); I am reluctantly moving my blog across to my new website; so everything will be all together.

This Is The New Website + This Is The New Blog

As one of my favorite radio presenters used to say 'if you have been - thank you for listening'

Thanks! Nathan

11 June 2022

Bushcraft Skills - Basecamp

Bushcraft Skills - Basecamp:

When you hit the wilderness and decide to stop to build a shelter, make camp, look for water, etc - the very first thing you want to do is get a decent basecamp.

This is where you can put your belongings and gear somewhere clean, safe, protected from elements and protected from animals.

Everything is together and organised. Up off the ground is good - a tree makes a great cupboard!

If rain or snow is likely however then under an uprooted tree stump or under an overhanging rock is good.

If you are going wandering have your gear prominent. Not being able to find stuff again can be more common than you would think!

More Bushcraft Resources Here
Bushcraft Training Courses Here

9 June 2022

Beginner To Lead Scrambler Course : In The Caha Mountains/West Cork & MacGillycuddy Reeks/Kerry

At the end of this Aug we are running a six-day Beginner To Lead Scrambler Course; split between the Caha Mountains/West Cork and MacGillycuddy Reeks/Kerry.

The course is divided into two three-day blocks (24th Aug-Fri 26th Aug Plus 31st Aug-Fri 2nd Sept).

This course covers the skills and ropework to lead and second on rock steps, mountain ridges and mountain gullies - safely and using a rope when needed.

Two places are still available for it.

More Here: www.outdoorsireland.com/activities/scramble-skills

+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

5 June 2022

Bushcraft Skills - Debris Shelter

Bushcraft Skills - Debris Shelter:

Made from whatever 'debris' is available to you. (All dead and on the ground - apart from bracken/rhododendron you should not be taking anything living generally).

You will see a long ridge-pole, an a-frame doorway, ribbing along each side, then the entire frame is covered with debris, such as leaf-mould. The covering should be compacted and should ideally be arm depth in thickness.

More Bushcraft Tips & Resources Here: www.outdoorsireland.com/resources

3 June 2022

Sunset & Half-Day Kayaking Tours In Killarney National Park : Sunrise, Sunset, Bioluminesence & Half-Day Kayaking Tours In Glengarriff Nature Reserve

This June Bank Holiday Weekend we've loads happening; and absolutely stunning weather forecast!

In Killarney National Park; half-day and sunset guided kayaking tours.

In Glengarriff Nature Reserve; sunrise, sunset, bioluminesence, and half-day guided kayaking tours.

For Details Or Booking:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

All Beginner Friendly

28 May 2022

Bioluminesence Night Kayaking Tours - Glengarriff Bay

Bioluminesence Night Kayaking Tours - Glengarriff Bay - This Summer!

10pm - Midnight
€75 Per Person
Beginner Friendly

All Gear Provided To Keep You Warm/Dry, Including Wetsuits & Buoyancy Aids

To Book Please Contact:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

Kayaking in bioluminesence, on the dark glassy waters of Glengarriff Bay, In Bantry Bay & West Cork, is absolutely magical! However there is no guarantee of experiencing this bioluminesence; though we will do our best for you. Being on the water in a kayak, in the dark, is pretty awesome regardless! This guided sea kayaking tour is also weather dependent.

Fire Skills - Bushcraft Training

Fire Skills: This is what we call a horizontal fire lay. It is used once you have a decent red ember base, want to settle the fire, conserve fuel, and do some cooking.
Like on a bbq, you don't generally want to cook on flames, you want to cook on solid constant heat/embers.
You will see a back and two sides to this fire to keep it tidy and controlled. The front is left open to feed in longer logs. Feeding in longer logs, bit by bit, is a lot less work for you.
The burning logs are laid horizontally side by side. You will notice a couple of basic ways of heating water and cooking beans.
You will also notice a rock back to the fire which reflects back out heat towards you. Important that the fire is never actually built up against a rock, as it scorches the rock and can destroy things like lichen growth or bug habitats on the rock.

25 May 2022

Fire Skills - Bushcraft Training

Fire Skills: This is what we call a pyramid lay or teepee lay. It is laid on top of, and all around, your tinder. The pyramid shape creates a chimney updraft effect and helps get your fire blazing. This is all built before you strike your spark.

You strike your spark into the upwind side of fire setup; meaning any breeze fans the sparks and flames deeper into the fire.

The fuel being used here is rhododendron. Dry rhododendron makes a really good starting fuel.

13 May 2022

Bioluminescence Sea Kayaking Tours (Night Kayaking) In Glengarriff Bay This Summer!

Bioluminescence has been in Glengarriff Bay/West Cork in small amounts since March. To kayak or swim in it is absolutely magical!

I have tended not to run these kayaking tours up to now; as we end up short on sleep and also it can be temperamental and I don't like to see disappointed people heading home 😀

However due to the interest and inquiries happening we will start to run them on limited dates. Generally they will run 9pm-Midnight and the price is €75pp. Beginner friendly and all gear provided.

Next provisional dates for this Bioluminescence Sea Kayaking is 20th-22nd May; 27th-29th May; and June Bank Holiday 3rd-6th June. info@outdoorsireland.com if you are interested in booking. Thanks, Nathan