29 April 2019

Always Have Useful Cordage Handy

Cord or cordage can be super useful in a bushcraft situation. A handy tip is to change your boot laces for paracord (which you'll get in a bushcraft or army surplus store). Cut the paracord twice as long as your boot laces need to be.

Then if you urgently need cordage use one of your laces as cordage, and cut the other lace in half to turn it into a conventional lace.

With such long laces there are a couple of ways to tie away all the surplus length. Photo 4 shows one way.

17 April 2019

Moving Safely Over Steep/Exposed/Rocky Mountainside (From Mountain Skills 2 Syllabus)

Moving Safely Over Steep/Exposed/Rocky Mountainside:

Break the mountainside into small pieces. Look to move through each piece via 'ramps', 'gullies' and 'steps'. Each piece should finish in a 'safe haven' where you can assess the next piece.

No matter how comfortable you are in terrain within a 5 meter radius of you; zoom out and look at what is below you, for example a cliff; or above you, for example possible rockfall.

Here are six good questions to ask before tackling each piece of steep ground:
1. Could we do this?
2. Should we do this?
3. What is the likelihood of a slip?
4. What is the consequence of a slip?
5. If we scramble over this piece can we also scramble back, if necessary?
6. Can I see a way on and out; or are we doing something tricky/risky/time consuming - only to have to backtrack?

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9 April 2019

Last Mountain Skills 2 Before The Summer

Our last Mountain Skills 2 before the summer is running this weekend in Killarney if you are interested in booking a spot. More details are here: http://www.outdoorsireland.com/mountainskills.php

3 April 2019

Lake Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, Fire Making Skills Or Bushcraft Foraging Skills This Weekend

This coming weekend (Sat 6th & Sun 7th Apr) we have availability for any of the following: Kayaking In Killarney National Park, Sea Kayaking In Glengarriff Bay, Bushcraft Fire Making 1 Day Workshop, or Bushcraft Foraging 1 Day Workshop.

For More Details 086 860 45 63. Thanks, Nathan