22 March 2020

Coronavirus - From A Practical Survival Approach (5)

Tip 1. Fill up your vehicle with fuel and always keep it full. This is general best practice anyway, regardless of coronavirus. You don't know when you may urgently need a vehicle; and while fuel shortages are unlikely - they are possible.

Not just a full tank of petrol/diesel, but also keep a daily check on water, coolant, oil, transmission fluid and brake/clutch fluid. Lay up an extra container or two of each of these. Lay up several large containers of petrol/diesel - and be very aware of the fire hazard they could cause you!

Cut your driving to a minimum - save fuel. If you absolutely have to drive, driving slow, gentle, no unnecessary accelerating or braking, use the gears properly, stick at 80km per hour max - this will all help your fuel consumption.

Homework: If you have the money to spare get to a petrol station or friendly mechanic and stock up

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