17 December 2019

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Final countdown to Christmas - we have gift vouchers available if you are looking for ideas... http://www.outdoorsireland.com/contact.php

9 December 2019

Thank You For Your Bookings & Support This Year

A huge massive Thank You to everyone who kayaked or completed a training course with us over the past year. Thanks guys - we really appreciate every single piece of business and support you gave us.

Look after yourself over the winter storms and hopefully see you next year!

If you are interested we have gift vouchers available for Christmas, and training courses running all winter/spring. You'll see all details here.

From Nathan, Mark, Leif & Dave.

2 December 2019

Sea Kayaking Available In Glengarriff Bay This Weekend (7th & 8th Dec)

Sea Kayaking happening this weekend in Glengarriff Bay/Glengarriff Nature Reserve.

Places are available to book.

With neoprene gloves, woolly hats and double wetsuits - you'll be toasty warm!

Contact Us To Book