29 April 2021

Pigeon & Potato Stew

A freshly knocked down wood pigeon, converted into pigeon and potato stew. Potatoes from the garden. Washed down with some homemade blueberry gin. Gin aged about a year now, with coffee beans and oak bark.

15 April 2021

Training Courses & Guided Kayaking Back

Now officially back (on a somewhat limited basis still) running Mountain Skills, Rock Climbing Skills and Bushcraft Skills.

Officially back running our Glengarriff Bay Sea Kayaking and our Killarney Lakes Kayaking from 26th April.

8 April 2021

Back To Kayaking Tours Soon...

Not much longer hopefully, and we'll be back running our guided kayaking trips; both in Killarney National Park and Glengarriff Nature Reserve!