27 July 2016

Bog Myrtle

Bog Myrtle, Also Known As Sweet Gale, Bog Sally, Candle Berry

Found North Europe, West Europe, Parts Of North America

Grows Bog, Marsh, Wet Mountain Terrain

Catkins Generally Collected In Spring

Leaves Generally Collected In Summer

Midge/Flea Repellent - Crush leaves and rub on skin

Candle Wax - Boil fruit, known as drupe. Not commercially viable

Beer Flavoring - Known as gruit, replaced by hops. Used up to 16th century. Reputation for causing headaches

Vikings used to drink an alcoholic brew made from sweet gale, which they believed gave them extra strength and battle madness

Astringent Herb - Stems Bleeding/Discharge

Antiseptic Herb - Slows/Stops Infections

Diuretic Herb - Increases Passing Of Urine

Used To Treat Wounds, Acne, Skin Problems, Digestion Problems

Dried Bark Used To Treat Intestinal Worms

Make Tea From Fresh Or Dried Leaves

Flavor Soup/Stew/Meat From Fruit Or Leaves. Use small amounts

Used To Dye Wool Yellow

Used In Scottish Wedding Bouquets

Abortifacient Herb - Potential to cause abortion. Not to be used if pregnant

Considered a blessed plant in Irish folklore. In Mayo ash from bog myrtle was used on Ash Wednesday

Another Irish legend has it once being a large tree, but its wood was used to make the crucifixion cross. The tree was then cursed, becoming small and stunted.

22 July 2016

How To Make Sloe Gin Dark Chocolate

Empty bottles of sloe gin, full of juicy gin-soaked sloes
Dark chocolate melting in a pan of hot water
Lemon ready to grate onto chocolate
Baking tray lined with greaseproof paper
Empty the sloes plus any juice/gin left in bottles into baking tray. Then add the melted chocolate
Grate lemon rind, then place in freezer once cooled. Best eaten within two weeks!

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20 July 2016

Seven Useful Kayaking Techniques

Seven Useful Kayaking Techniques:
1. Lean Forward / Knees Apart / Feet Braced
2. Hands On Paddle Shoulder-Width Apart
3. For Power Have Paddle Vertical & Blade Deep
4. For Steering Have Paddle Horizontal & Blade As Wide As Possible
5. Place Blade As Far Forward As Possible Each Stroke
6. Push Or Follow-Through Top Arm When Paddling Forward
7. Push Correct Foot On Foot Brace When Paddling Forward

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19 July 2016

Summer Has Returned - Kayaking Conditions In Killarney National Park Are Superb!

Summer has returned! Kayaking conditions are superb and work has never felt less like work!

These photos are from a dawn sunrise kayak tour on the Lakes of Killarney...

14 July 2016

13 July 2016

Kayaking Tours Through The Lakes Of Killarney & Killarney National Park

Over the coming days weather conditions are looking very good and we have some awesome guided kayaking tours happening on the Lakes of Killarney and through Killarney National Park.

Choose from our half-day kayak trip through the Killarney Lakes; our full-day kayak trip deep into the heart of Killarney National Park; or our spectacular sunset kayaking across Lough Lein...

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One-Day Bushcraft Cooking Course

We plan to run a one-day Bushcraft Cooking Course this Sat 16th and also Sat 23rd July, in the wilds of Kerry.

No experience required.

Price €95pp including gear and food.

Learn to cook fish in moss; bake potatoes in clay; use hot stones for frying...

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12 July 2016

How To Build A Swamp Fire Or Raised Fire

Build a tripod, with three horizontal lats near the base, which will form the floor foundation.
Securely tie the tripod top.
Square lash the horizontal lats.
Fix a 'green' pot hook into the tripod. Make sure it is secure but will also swing out the way of the flames when not in use.
Partially completed floor of wet timber ideally.
Fully completed floor of wet timber ideally.
Several inches of soil with a slight central depression. Aim to have the soil base double the size of the fire base.
The beginning of a fire lay, as per normal.
Fire under way, with pot hook out of the way when not in use.

8 July 2016


Sundew: amazing little carnivorous mountain and bogland plant, living partly from insects it captures and devours.

Protected plant so no picking! Can be used for asthma, coughs, lung infections and stomach ulcers.

Kills insects in about 15 mins and can live to 50 years.

7 July 2016

Wetsuits To Give Away

We have some decent, but slightly mouse chewed wetsuits to give away if anyone would like one! Pop an email please to info@outdoorsireland.com. Sizes adult large and extra large.

5 July 2016

Cooking Fish With Nettle Leaves & Wood Sorrell

Freshly caught mackerel cooked in tinfoil for 20/25 mins. Add a decent handful of nettle leaves and a decent handful of wood sorrell; plus butter and slice of lemon. Delicious!