20 September 2007

October Bank Holiday

Do something different this Halloween!

Mon 29th Climb Carrauntoohil - Ireland’s highest mountain - €50 per person

Tues 30th Kerry Way Hike - Explore a Penal Mass Path and Hike over an ancient Butter Road, deep in Glencar Valley - €50 per person.

Book for either one or two days.

Extra hikes also available throughout the week.

For more details contact me.

Outdoor Adventure Gift Vouchers

Give someone a present with a difference! A gift voucher for a day of rock climbing & abseiling, a kayaking trip or a hike into the Kerry mountains! Personally designed, day and half-day, gift vouchers. Prices from €50.

Gift Voucher Ideas for One Person
Climb Carrauntoohil - Ireland’s highest mountain - €50
Rock Climbing & Abseiling - €75
Half Day of Kayaking - €50

Gift Voucher Ideas for Two People
Kerry Way Hike - Explore Celtic Trails, Mass Paths & Butter Roads - €100
Half Day of Rock Climbing & Abseiling - €100
Kayak Trip through the Lakes of Killarney - €150

Gift Voucher Ideas for a Weekend Away, for Two People
Spend a Weekend Hill Walking and Kayaking, staying in Kerry Ocean Lodge, Glenbeigh. Healthy packed lunches provided each day and two gourmet evening meals in the nearby Towers Hotel - €650

We can design outdoor adventure gift vouchers for your specific requirements, including guesthouse accommodation, packed lunches and gourmet evening meals.

Gift vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue.

For more details contact me.

Rescuing A Kayak - X Rescue

You can use an X Rescue to empty a kayak of water and help someone back into the kayak, without coming to shore.
1. The person in the water is your priority. Make sure they are ok. Get them to hold onto the front of your kayak and get them to hold both their paddle and your paddle.

2. Get the front of the capsized kayak and pull it across the front of your kayak, keeping it upside down and against your stomach.

3. Rock the capsized kayak from side to side to empty all water. If there are extra people they can help you with the rocking.

4. Flip the capsized kayak upright and slide it into the water.

5. Hold both kayaks tightly, side by side, and help the person in the water to climb back in.

This should be practiced in safe, shallow water, close to the shore.


Timing is important for navigating in the mountains as it can tell you how long you will be walking for, or how long you should expect to walk before you arrive at a feature, such as a hill top or lake. Especially useful in bad weather.

The average hill walker walks at 5 kilometres per hour.

When broken down that is:
5km per 60 mins
1km per 12 mins
500 metres per 6 mins
100 metres per 1 min + 12 seconds (call it just over one min)

If you are walking for 2km it should take you 24 mins.
If you are walking for 300 metres it should take you just over 3 mins.

When walking uphill, count how many uphill contour lines you are climbing and add one extra min for every uphill contour line you climb.

If you are climbing fifteen uphill contour lines that is fifteen extra mins you need to add to your time.

When walking on flat ground or downhill, don’t count any contour lines.

If you are walking 1km, that will take you 12 mins; plus if you are climbing ten uphill contour lines, that is ten extra mins you need to add to your time – Total Time 22 mins.