29 February 2020

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is becoming very relevant and very prevalent to us in Ireland. It can be very difficult to recognise, very difficult to test for, very difficult to treat. Different types of treatment seem to work for different people.

It is like the 'perfect illness' in terms of how it can mask itself and how it can move around the body. There is still major lack of knowledge, especially in the conventional medical arena - which is generally where we turn to first. There is denial about the illness, misinformation about the illness, and there seems to be an air of conspiracy about the illness (see the above video).

There are so many examples of people being treated incorrectly for years upon years, for example, depression or multiple sclerosis; when in fact they have lyme. There are so many examples of people crippled, bed-ridden, wheelchair-bound or suffering major chronic fatigue - due to lyme and not being treated correctly for lyme.

I was told by Dr. Lambert of www.iddoctor.eu; Ireland's main lyme specialist; that there is currently not one single medical test that is truly accurate for lyme.

I imagine anyone reading this blog post will have had a family member/friend/neighbor contract lyme. Or if not - will have heard of someone locally who has lyme.

Are people involved in outdoor pursuits, especially hiking and camping, more at risk of contracting lyme?

I honestly don't believe so. For every outdoor enthusiast I know with lyme; or have heard of with lyme; I also know an equal number of 'conventional people' with lyme. These are babies and children (some in the country, some in housing estates), footballers, farmers, housewives and regular business people living in towns.

Lyme Disease is relevant, prevalent, dangerous - but don't let fear of it stop you living your life and don't let fear of it stop you engaging in outdoor pursuits. Know about it. Be aware of it.

Be vigilant for it; the same way we are vigilant for flooded rivers on a wet day; lightning on a hot summer day, hypothermia on a cold day, rockfall while rock climbing or weils disease any day.

Knowledge, Awareness, Vigilance will go a long way to keeping you safe; recognising lyme in the short term; or recognising lyme in the long term.

There is a lot of information out there about lyme, how to try prevent it, how to recognise it, how to treat it. What I say to students on our training courses is:

If you ever contract a medical issue, small or large, that is not clear-cut (such as sprain/fracture/cancer); then suspect lyme. Especially if you are going down the road of fatigue, depression, personality change, immune system or multiple sclerosis - suspect lyme. Don't necessarily believe your initial doctor or initial test. In fact the current Irish lyme blood test can often be a waste of time.

1. Only Some Ticks Carry Lyme
2. Only Half Of Infected Ticks Leave The Classic Bulls Eye Mark
3. The Other Half Of Infected Ticks Leave No Mark
4. Your Lyme Bite May Have Happened Years Ago
5. Lyme Is Thought To Possibly Be Sexually Transmitted

1. Wear long leg pants and long sleeve tops
2. Tuck your pants into your socks
3. Wear decent hiking boots and decent gaiters
4. Be sensible where you walk, climb, sit for lunch, camp
5. Spray an insect repellent such as deet on your boots, gaiters, bottom of boot soles, bottom of pants
6. Possibly wear darker colors, instead of lighter/brighter colors (this is not fully confirmed)
7. Check carefully for ticks daily (in the shower can be a good place)
8. There is a lot of discussion and fussing about the best way to remove a tick. The main thing is to remove immediately and remove quickly/smoothly. The more a tick is agitated, burnt with a match, smothered in vasoline, etc; the more likely it is to spit venom into you. I have always found quick simple removal with a tweezers to be effective.

This Is My Recommended Approach In Whatever Order You Feel:
1. Bio Magnetic Testing & Therapy Dublin : www.bmptireland.com
2. Bio Magnetic Testing & Therapy Kerry :
3. Lyme Herbalist : http://herbalist.ie
4. Lyme Doctor Ireland : www.iddoctor.eu
5. Lyme Doctor Poland : http://swietylukasz.pl/en/home
6. Lyme Test Germany : www.arminlabs.com/en
7. Infra Red Home Sauna : www.firzone.co.uk
8. Epson Salt Bath : your local chemist

Useful Links:
1. http://ticktalkireland.org
2. https://www.arminlabs.com/en/services/tick-borne-diseases/lyme-borreliosis
3. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/lyme-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20374651

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