13 February 2020

Learn To Rock Climb (RC1) Syllabus

Learn To Rock Climb (RC1) Syllabus

Rope Safety
Crab Safety
Clip In
Belay With Italian Hitch
Buddy Check
Climbing Calls
Crab Cross Load Check
Team Climb/Belay
Instructor Demo
Coaching Calls
Tie In With Figure Eight Stopper
Italian Hitch
Clove Hitch
Flake Rope
Coil Rope

Team Climb/Belay
Recap Day 1
Belay With Belay Plate
Belay In Top Rope Position
Climb/Top Out
Sling Daisy Chain
Sling Placement For Thread/Spike
Abseil Without Prussik, Using Safety Rope
Abseil With Prussik, Using Safety Rope
Foot Work/Watch Feet
Balance/Small Moves
Instructor Demo

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