16 January 2020

Mountain Skills 2 Syllabus

Mountain Skills 2 Syllabus
This is an official training course, approved and certified by Mountaineering Ireland, and run by qualified and certified instructors. Course Directed By Nathan Kingerlee. This is the second part of achieving Mountain Skills Assessment and also the second part of achieving Mountain Leader. Mountain Skills Assessment Follows On Next.

Mountaineering Ireland
Mountain Skills/Mountain Leader

Mountain Hypothermia - Causes/Recognition/Treatment/Prevention

3 Norths - True/Grid/Magnetic

Set Map With Features
Set Map With Compass
Compass Bearing
Back Bearing
Back Pack Drop
Feature Recognition – Close/Distant
Handrail Navigation
Contour Navigation
Cut Off Point
Tick Off Point
Attack Point
Aiming Off

Night Navigation - Reasons/Actions/Compass Leap Frog

Route Planning - Identify Quality Mountain Walks/Route Card/Bad Weather Route/Escape Route

Mountain Rescue - Mountain Rescue Ireland/Incident Procedure/Scenario/Call Out Procedure

Route Finding/Look At Big Picture
Safe Movement
Safe Haven
Environment Considerations

Recap Day 1

Mountain Skills Assessment Feedback

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