15 August 2018

Looking To Move From Hill Walking To Mountaineering & Scrambling?

If you are a hill walker looking to get into scrambling and mountaineering, these are the skills you may want to have:

1. Rope Flake, Coil & Carry
2. Retrievable Classic Abseil
3. Bucket Seat
4. Body Belay Climbing
5. Body Belay Lowering
6. Placing A Sling Runner While Climbing
7. Using Terrain As A Runner While Climbing
8. Simple Climbing Calls
9. Only Move/Climb When Rope Is Tight
10. Never Ever Have Slack In Your System!
11. Direct Belay (belaying from your anchor)
12. In-Direct Belay (belaying from your body)
13. Direct Belay: Rope Friction Belay Around Rock Anchor
14. Direct Belay: Italian Hitch Belay From Sling, Around Rock Anchor
15. Know When To Turn Back
16. Interpreting A Weather Forecast
17. Testing Handholds, Footholds & Anchors

You can get these skills from a more experienced partner, reading, youtube or do a training course with us. If relying on youtube make sure the skills being displayed are proper best practice.

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