18 August 2015

Quick Blog Post From Noretta

Noretta Brosnan from Destination Killarney was night kayaking with MJ recently. Here is a quick blog post she sent me.
Thanks a million Noretta!

Night Kayaking With Outdoors Ireland - 5*

Living here all my life and yet Outdoors Ireland introduced me to places I’d never been on the Lakes of Killarney! It was a lovely surprise to get the opportunity, on behalf of Destination Killarney, to jump into the (outdoor) adventures of Night Kayaking with Outdoors Ireland. Their brand new tour features 6 hours of kayaking across Lough Leane, Killarney’s largest lake, with historical storytelling from as far back as the 15th Century. The perfect night out!

If you’re up for getting the heart-beat going, meeting like-minded people who are up for the craic, drinking chi tea in the darkness of Killarney’s island caves and of course don’t mind getting wet, this is for you!

To be enchanted by the old storytelling of the area you are exploring on the night was something special. You might want to start hunting for treasure!

A summer in Ireland is a ducks dream so prepare to get wet! Don’t let it dampen your spirits, embrace it and let nature become alive around you.

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