5 August 2015

Email From A Client Of Ten Years Ago

I received this lovely email from a client of ten years ago, or just over ten years ago:

''It’s unlikely that you remember me and the Canadian group who hiked with you one summer about ten years ago. My grandson Seb, a tall 11 year old from Montreal, my sister Doris, and I, and about six other women had a great time under your leadership. There was also an able young Scotswoman guide (she was taking a group sailing in the western isles of Scotland just after) and a German-Irish guy who took us swimming in The Worm Hole. We had the wettest hike of my life in the Killarney area with you. I’m now in my 85th year but still do easy hikes of 6k a day. It’s good to hear of your fine outfit and its activities. I hope you are happy and that it is the exciting, fulfilling life that it sounds to be. Best of luck.''

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