21 August 2014

Weekly Update @ Outdoors Ireland

Autumn chill crept into August; however expect it to be back to blazing sun and crisp weather for September! Doesn't seem quite so hectic this week; hope that's not the summer season coming to an end - I'm sure it's not.

Both MJ and I have been doing some sea kayak trips in Galway City and Kinvara Bay. I was also doing a bit of Wild Atlantic Way sea kayak filming last week with a Sky TV channel. We had a fabulous sunset and a black-sailed Galway Hooker to keep us company.

Starting to think ahead to the autumn/winter training course schedule; especially our rock climbing and Mountain Skills. Jason is departing for a year's traveling in November so I'm starting to look for a replacement mountain and rock climbing instructor to fill his place. He'll be sadly missed.

Thinking to hold onto most of our kayaks for another year so must get them power-washed and any little fixing jobs done this weekend. We're also getting a bit of rope damage on our canyoning so need to look at that, hopefully early next week.

Microsoft Excel issues this week so our bookings are back to the good old days of sticky notes all over my desk! That's all for now, Nathan


  1. Thanks Jason for a grand evening on Loch Lein on Tuesday last. Gentle waves, wildlife on Inisfallon, fish jumpin and that sunset! Thanks for all the info too. Enjoy your travels

  2. Thanks Mick & Fran. I'll pass your message onto Jason. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip, Nathan