12 August 2014

Weekly Update @ Outdoors Ireland

Lots of kayaking and canyoning trips have been happening; two sit on top kayak training days; some rock climbing in the Gap of Dunloe and a sprinkling of forest biking tours. We're all nicely busy and the guys are doing some long shifts.

The rain is great for the veg garden, filling up the lakes and bringing up the canyoning levels; however drying wetsuits has become a more focused job. We no longer hang the gear outside for a day and take it in bone dry that evening!

Large group of French students out on an early morning kayak trip last Fri and we got to see a kingfisher, twice! Then Jason and I were sea kayaking in Galway City over the weekend; with both a stag group and a hen group. Fair play to the hens who brought along delicious champagne and amazing home-made cup cakes. Was one of the best kayak trips I've done; sipping champagne, eating cup cakes and watching the sunset over Galway!

Amazing orange full moon at the moment. Had to start work at 330am twice last week and the sight of the huge moon dipping behind Torc Mountain was spectacular. Made up for having to be up so early. Big tides at the moment in Galway and some strong flows to be watched out for.

That's all for now, Nathan

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