10 July 2014

Outdoor Instructor & Guide Training Course Part-Time - Starting In Oct

Here is a link for our Outdoor Instructor & Guide Training Course, running part-time from Killarney/Kerry this Oct '14 to May '15.

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Based In Killarney/Kerry, Starting Oct 2014, This Intensive Course Is Designed & Aimed At Four Types Of People:

1. If You Are Looking To Vastly Increase & Certify Your Own Current Outdoor Skills.
2. If You Are Looking For A Career Change & Would Like A Job In The Outdoor Industry.
3. If You Are Planning To Set Up Your Own Part-Time/Full-Time Adventure Business.
4. If You Are Looking For An Add-On To An Existing Hospitality Business, Such As A Hostel/Hotel Offering Hill Walks Or Kayaking.

National Governing Body Modules:
Remote Emergency Care Level 3

River Safety Rescue 1
River Safety Rescue 2

Level 2 Kayak Instructor
Level 3 Kayak Skills

Lead Rock Climbing Trainee

Mountain Leader Trainee
Mountain Skills Assessment

Outdoors Ireland Modules:
Outdoor Guiding Skills

Outdoor Instruction Skills

Outdoor Coaching Skills

Emergency Procedures

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