25 July 2014

2015 Course & Guided Trip Dates!

In no particular order here are our 2015 training course dates, plus dates for some of our guided trips.

Mountain Skills 1 Kerry
7th & 8th Feb
2nd & 3rd May
1st & 2nd Aug
7th & 8th Nov

Mountain Skills 1 Galway
7th & 8th Mar
6th & 7th Jun
5th & 6th Sep
5th & 6th Dec

Mountain Skills 1 Wicklow
4th & 5th Apr
4th & 5th Jul
3rd & 4th Oct

Mountain Skills 2 Kerry
31st Jan & 1st Feb
28th & 29th Mar
26th & 27th Sep
28th & 29th Nov

Mountain Skills 2 Wicklow
28th Feb & 1st Mar
25th & 26th Apr
24th & 25th Oct
19th & 20th Dec

Carrauntoohil Guided Climb
1st Saturday Per Month

Bank Holiday Adventure Weekend
4th – 6th Apr
2nd – 4th May
1st – 3rd Aug

Kayak River Trip
2nd Sunday Per Month

Learn To Rock Climb Kerry
21st & 22nd Feb
18th & 19th Apr
16th & 17th May
20th & 21st Jun
18th & 19th Jul
15th & 16th Aug
17th & 18th Oct
21st & 22nd Nov

Learn To Rock Climb Galway
21st & 22nd Mar
19th & 20th Sep

Mountain Skills Intensive Week Kerry
(Beginner To Self Sufficient)
7th – 12th Feb

Mountain Skills Assessment Kerry
11th & 12th Apr
12th & 13th Dec

Kayak Skills Course
8th Feb
5th Apr
7th Jun
5th Jul
2nd Aug
6th Sep
8th Nov

White Water Kayak Skills
14th & 15th Feb
14th & 15th Mar
10th & 11th Oct
14th & 15th Nov

Learn To Lead Climb Kerry
16th – 18th & 23rd – 25th Jan
16th – 18th & 23rd – 25th May
21st – 23rd & 28th – 30th Nov

Learn To Lead Climb Galway
21st - 23rd & 28th – 30th Mar
19th – 21st & 26th – 28th Sep

Learn To Kayak White Water
(Beginner To Self Sufficient)
10th – 12th & 17th – 19th Mar

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