6 March 2011

Day 4: Carrick On Suir - Mullinavat

Strange Town, Carrick On Suir - teenage girls stood on dark street corners, or sat in doorways; men stumbled down the streets from pub to pub; souped-up cars paraded non-stop down the main street. We were glad to leave, making a 7am getaway to escape the traffic on the first 1km of road walking.

We reached the tiny village of Piltown just before 10am and sat patiently outside waiting for Anthony's Inn to open and begin serving breakfast. Tom The Landlord and Robin The Chef made us feel at home, with Cara allowed to curl up underneath my table and Lucy put into the back garden with a bucket of water.

After a great breakfast we hit the road refreshed and began using the map in earnest, detouring off some of the road sections of the Leinster Way and picking our own way through fields, back-roads and woodland. At one stage we entered into a sanctuary for something, with high fences, corrugated shelters and wire traps around us. Nervously we kept going expecting to come across wild boar or dinosaurs, but saw neither!

Towards day end we got chatting to Fiona, Jimmy and Paddy, pictured above, who allowed us to re-water. Not long afterwards we descended into Mullinavat and our night's lodgings at Glenraha Farmhouse B&B.


  1. hope ye are enjoying the walk

  2. Jesus she is a beaut. If only we could have got a better look at the rear of it. Tis a fresh 4610.

  3. The 4610 is a flyer!! Nathan was lovely to meet with you best of luck with the rest of your travels, you brought great excitement to Barrabehy with your goat!

    Fiona (not lucy! :).. )

  4. Sorry Fiona! Great to meet you. I'll change your name; really sorry - definitely been spending too much time with Lucy the Goat!

  5. Hi Nathan, Brid and Jim Fitzpatrick here from Glenraha Farmhouse Mullinavat, lovely to see Lucy enjoyed a Pint in Inistioge! and looking at the pictures of your travels. we were looking through the kilkenny reporter to find a lovely artical in it, titled, "One man, His Dog, and Lucy the Goat walk into pub...." by Aisling Hurley if you want it i can scan it up. let me know! Brid, Jim, Deirdre, James and Sean Fitzpatrick Mullinavat!

  6. Hi Glenraha Family! Aisling got some lovely photos... She actually posted me a copy, thanks a million anyway and thanks for all of your help. Hopefully see you again sometime