15 March 2011

Day 10: Tinahealy - Laragh

Another early start today following the Wicklow Way in absolutely torrential, lashing rain; crossing multiple fences and thundering streams. I listened to my little radio for a time, but ended up putting it away, afraid the rain would ruin it.

We met this really nice woman in the morning, who saw my flask strapped to my bag and insisted on re-filling it with tea for me, and giving the guys ginger nut biscuits. She also thrust a huge bar of dark chocolate into my hand as we said our goodbyes.

We came across this river later in the day with the bridge barricaded off and no way over for us, apart from wading, which we were forced to do. Wet boots and socks for the rest of the day!

Chris from Tudor Lodge B&B collected us in his Mercedes sparing us the final couple of hours of hiking and that night we certainly all slept well.

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