17 January 2010

Team Building Ireland

Team Building Kerry
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

Step 1
Contact Nathan Kingerlee for an initial discussion regarding your team or company's background, what you want to achieve for your team, and what issues or difficulties are facing you.

Step 2
Nathan, together with his experienced facilitators Darragh O Sullivan and Dave Roach, will design a program specifically around your objectives, your requirements and your budget.

Step 3
Nathan and his team will contact you for a phone discussion, or face to face meeting, to discuss your designed program in detail and make any final adjustments, so your program completely fits your objectives.

Step 4
You will be clearly briefed on what your program will involve. All details will be arranged and all equipment will be provided.

Step 5
Your team building program will be run in the designed and discussed format, with experienced team facilitators; pristine outdoor locations; excellent equipment; luxurious, comfortable premises and delicious food. See an example two-day program below.

Step 6
Individual and team learning points and actions will be discussed and planned at your program debrief. The Outdoors Ireland team will contact you the following week to recap your learning points and actions.

Step 7
A team building program needs to be followed up with your own actions and further work. You will be given feedback by the Outdoors Ireland team regarding developing and progressing your teamwork and communication processes in-house and will also be given options as to how to progress with further team building programs.

Step 8
Six months after your program Nathan and his team will contact you for a phone discussion, or face to face meeting, to discuss how your team or company has operated together, if your initial objectives have been achieved and what your future team objectives are.

Team Facilitators

Nathan Kingerlee
Owner/Manager Outdoors Ireland

Quickly established as one of Ireland's leading outdoor training companies, Outdoors Ireland, guided by Nathan, has moved to the forefront of innovative training courses and unique adventure breaks. Nathan's experience throughout Ireland and Scotland allows him to successfully design and develop team building courses of all types. Clients over the past year have included Focus Ireland, Promed and Shannon Aerospace Fire Team. Nathan is also a Fáilte Ireland ambassador for business development and web 2.0 in the Irish outdoor industry.
Nathan Kingerlee/Outdoors Ireland Media
Nathan's Blog

Darragh O'Sullivan
An experienced outdoor pursuits instructor, and professional personal development coach, Darragh is ideally placed to design and deliver team building programs. He is no stranger to running successful adventure challenges, having directed the logistics and operations for Ireland's only ever World Series adventure race, The Turas. Darragh has a varied background, from physics to business analysis, and has worked, travelled and studied all over the world. His calm, supportive style, along with his range of skills and experience, allow him to connect easily with people and empower them to reach their potential.

Dave Roach

Two-Day Sample Program

Monday Evening:
Arrive at the luxurious and comfortable, four star, Lake Hotel; set on the shores of the Lakes of Killarney and surrounded by Killarney National Park. Relax in the Lakeside Bar & Bistro that evening.

After an early breakfast you will meet with your Outdoors Ireland facilitators in one of the hotel's bright, spacious meeting rooms for a clear brief of your program and objectives.

From here you will work in the wooded spacious hotel grounds, within changing sub-teams and also as one overall team, to complete projects and challenges which will have been designed around your objectives, to raise learning points, bring simmering conflicts and issues to the surface and empower you to perform to your maximum.

Regular open discussions and debriefs will happen in an informal way, with your team very much bringing up your own learning points and issues. Some time will also be spent indoors with tea/coffee and more in-depth debriefs and presentations.

Projects will be designed for all abilities and will result in you having to examine your actions with questions such as:
  • What do we want to achieve with this project?
  • How are we going to achieve it?
  • What are we doing well?
  • What needs improving?
  • How can we improve it?
  • What are we doing badly?
  • How can we communicate better?
Most importantly, the Outdoors Ireland facilitators will discuss with you how to take your debrief points and learning points from each individual project and apply them to normal, sometimes hectic or pressurised, working life and corporate projects.

The overall ethos of your program will look at how you take your learning points and communication points from your team building program and use them in real life.

Projects will increase in complexity over your day and may finish on the first day with a night time task, before unwinding with a well deserved and delicious evening meal in the Lake Hotel's Castlelough Restaurant.

The second day of your program will begin with a refreshing orienteering, planning and strategy project throughout Killarney National Park.

After a healthy lunch you will be tasked with shorter projects where your team will apply it's learnings to agree an overall objective for the day, then divide into sub-teams and achieve your objective.

Tuesday will finish over tea/coffee with sub-teams presenting their learning points to the overall group, explaining how they will apply their learnings back into the workplace and developing a simple action plan they commit to continuing with.

The program will finish at approximately 3pm.
Some of the learning points usually raised are:
  • Encourage Opinions within Team
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Understanding Tasks
  • Time Management
  • Cooperation & Inclusion
  • Commitment by all Team Members
  • Dependability & Trust
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Enjoy Problem Solving
  • More Face To Face Interaction
  • Listening
  • Identify Team Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Understand Everyone's Role

To discuss options available to you please contact Nathan Kingerlee:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

  • Team Building Programs
  • Communication Workshops
  • Corporate Incentive Days
  • Company Adventure Days
  • Available Countrywide

''On behalf of all the staff from Nai Ionad Na Cille Ltd. I would like to say a huge thanks to yourself for the excellent Team Challenge Day. The day was very well organised and we certainly had to work together as a team to get through each challenge, especially the lava field and abseiling and you were most supportive. Even though we had 4 seasons in 1 day everyone’s spirits were high all day long. The views were spectacular and we had a lot of fun along the way. The girls are still talking about the day and think they will be for months on end. I would highly recommend a day like this to any team of staff and would hope to make it an annual event.''
Joanne, Nai Ionad Na Cille, Kerry

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