3 February 2016

Bushcraft Survival Skills 1 Syllabus

Bushcraft Survival Skills 1 Syllabus : Two-Day Course

Bushcraft V Survival
Bushcraft Circle
Survival Pyramid
Rule Of Three
Order Of Priority

Survival Kit

Efficient Movement
Leave No Trace

Resource Map
Resource Considerations

Water Considerations
Toilet Considerations
Knife Safety

Debris Shelter
Temporary Shelter
Fire Building
Fire Tripod
Pot Hook
Water Sterilization
Hot Rock
Tin Can

Wood Ash Uses
Wood Charcoal Uses
Pine Tree Uses
Sphagnum Moss Uses
Wild Foraging
Tracking Intro

Photos From Bushcraft Weekend In Killarney

Some Photos From Last Weekend's Bushcraft Survival Skills 1 Course

Next BSS1 Is 2nd & 3rd April

27 January 2016

Email May Be Down

We may have some email issues over the coming days as our web company, OSD, complete some server work I have been meaning to get done for a while now.

If in doubt please call or text this number - 00353 (0) 86 860 45 63 - which will get directly to me.

Thanks and apologies for any bother caused. Nathan

26 January 2016

Bushcraft Skills, Learn To Lead Climb, Mountain Skills 2

Bushcraft Skills, Learn To Lead Climb, Mountain Skills 2 All Upcoming Over The Next Four Weeks

Bushcraft Survival Skills 1
30th & 31st Jan : €250pp
Survival Essentials : Bushcraft Essentials : Knife Skills : Shelter Building : Fire Building : Sterilizing Water : Foraging : Cooking

Learn To Lead Climb In Six Days

5th - 7th + 12th - 14th Feb : €480pp
Beginner Friendly : Become Safe/Self Sufficient At Bottom Climbing, Top Climbing, Lead Climbing & Abseiling : Anchor Placement : Set Up

Mountain Skills 2
27th & 28th Feb : €170pp
Map Reading & Navigation Techniques : Compass Skills : Steep Ground Work : Night Navigation : Route Planning

For More Details Or To Book Please Contact Nathan Here

Three Winter Mountaineering Shots From The MacGillycuddy Reeks

Third Level At Devil's Spy Glass Lake, Just Under Carrauntoohil

Part Way Up Curve Gully, Just Under Summit Of Carrauntoohil

Summit Cross In Rime Ice

19 January 2016

Misty Mountains

Four photos from last weekend's Mountain Skills 1, in the Kerry hills...

16 January 2016

13 January 2016

Some Wild Winter Foods

In the depths of a mild Irish weather, here are some of the wild food sources readily available in a bushcraft situation:

Bramble Buds/Leaves
Gorse Flowers
Hawthorn Berries
Staghorn Moss

12 January 2016

Damp Wood Fire

Quick clip of a small fire in the oak woods, boiling some water. Pretty wet wood that day, however managed to find some dry birch bark for tinder. Also managed to 'pocket dry' some dead grass or fionan. Then the gathered firewood needed to be skinned of it's moss and bark, leaving a reasonably dry core within - which kept the fire going.

7 January 2016

Mountain Skills 1 & Bushcraft Skills 1 This Jan

Mountain Skills 1 Training Course On 16th & 17th Jan. In The Kerry Hills & Based In Killarney. More Details Here

Bushcraft Skills 1 Training Course On 30th & 31st Jan. In The Kerry Woods & Hills & based In Killarney. More Details Here

For More Details Or To Book Please Contact Nathan