18 February 2020

Bushcraft Navigation 1 Syllabus

Bushcraft Navigation 1 Syllabus

Escape Navigation - Hit Safety
Landmark Navigation - Hit Point
Cardinal Navigation - Hit North

Escape Navigation:
No Location - No Destination - Go Somewhere Invisible/Sensible

Landmark Navigation:
No Location - No Destination - Go Somewhere Visible/Sensile

Cardinal Navigation:
Yes Location (Approx) - Yes Destination (Approx) - Go Somewhere Definite

Cardinal Navigation:
Go North - Have Compass - Use Compass
Go North - No Compass - Make Compass - Use Compass
Go North - No Compass - Make Direction - Use Direction

Walking Pole
Rule Of Three

Make Compass:
Wet Compass
Dry Compass

Make Direction:

Five D:


Tick Off Point
Cut Off Point

Ping Pong

Map Use
Map Make
Map Memory

Grid Reference:

Vegetation Grade
Body For Vegetation
Pole For Vegetation
Pole For Blind
Blind Defensive Position

Sense Awareness:

Slope Aspect
Taking A Bearing On Ground
Following A Bearing On Ground
Boxing Small
Boxing Big

Base Camp Boxing
Base Camp Radiating



Weather Interpetation
Weather Awareness

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16 February 2020

Learn To Lead Climb (RC3) Syllabus

Learn To Lead Climb (RC3) Syllabus

Day 1:
RC1 Day 1

Day 2:
RC1 Day 2

Day 3:
Lead Climb Set Up (Three Anchors) - Flat
Lead Climb Set Up (Three Anchors) - Crag
Climb/Top Out
Lead Climb With Pre Placed Gear/Safety Rope
Double Anchor To Single Anchor
Equipment Knowledge

Day 4:
RCI Scheme
Hard Climbs
Sling Placement
Wire Placement
Hex Placement
Place Gear/Remove Gear While Climbing

Day 5:
Lead Climb
Guide Book

Day 6:
Lead Climb
Guide Book

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13 February 2020

Learn To Rock Climb (RC1) Syllabus

Learn To Rock Climb (RC1) Syllabus

Rope Safety
Crab Safety
Clip In
Belay With Italian Hitch
Buddy Check
Climbing Calls
Crab Cross Load Check
Team Climb/Belay
Instructor Demo
Coaching Calls
Tie In With Figure Eight Stopper
Italian Hitch
Clove Hitch
Flake Rope
Coil Rope

Team Climb/Belay
Recap Day 1
Belay With Belay Plate
Belay In Top Rope Position
Climb/Top Out
Sling Daisy Chain
Sling Placement For Thread/Spike
Abseil Without Prussik, Using Safety Rope
Abseil With Prussik, Using Safety Rope
Foot Work/Watch Feet
Balance/Small Moves
Instructor Demo

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11 February 2020

Bushcraft Navigation 1 Course : 22nd & 23rd Feb

Have you always wanted to be able to navigate the wilds without map and compass; using natural bushcraft methods, such as vegetation, wind, sun, animal tracks?

We have a weekend Bushcraft Navigation 1 Course on 22nd & 23rd Feb. 930am-530pm each day and beginner friendly. Price is €200 per person.

These skills, and awareness, will cover you for all environments from jungle to mountain to desert.

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6 February 2020

Bushcraft Survival 1 Syllabus

Bushcraft Survival 1 Syllabus

Survival Pyramid
Order Of Priority
Rule Of Three
Personal Care

Gear Wear
Gear Carry

Sense Awareness
Landscape Awareness
Resource Awareness

Multi Task
Base Camp
Main Camp

Water Gather
Water Filter
Water Boil
Water Access

Forage Plant
Forage Animal
Forage Test


Fire Build
Fire Manage
Fire Cook

Shelter Build
Mattress Build
Bag Build


Wood Ash
Wood Charcoal

Knot Work
Knife Work
Tarp Work


Leave No Trace (Owner/School/Environment/Stealth)

Survival Tin

Survival First Aid (Blister/Cut/Sprain/Fracture/Stomach/Head/Back/Crutch/Stretcher)

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30 January 2020

Bushcraft Skills 1 Course : 8th & 9th Feb : Places Available

Bushcraft Skills 1 Course in Glengarriff/Cork, coming up on 8th & 9th Feb. I have a couple of places still available to book for it. Get in touch on 086 860 45 63 or info@outdoorsireland.com if interested. Thanks, Nathan

29 January 2020

Kayak Instructor/Kayak Guide Position Available For Killarney National Park

We have a paid 'full time summer season' position available, for an experienced and qualified kayak instructor. You will be joining a small, hard working, motivated team; running quality kayaking tours in Killarney National Park/Kerry.

Level 3 Kayak Inst ideal, but may consider an experienced Level 2 Kayak Inst. Own vehicle essential, and ability to work self-sufficient.

You would be based in Killarney for the summer, and ideally looking to join the OI team long-term, not just for one summer.

Please email Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com. To give you an idea of our work here is our trip advisor: https://www.tripadvisor.ie/Attraction_Review-g186612-d2004763-Reviews-Outdoors_Ireland-Killarney_County_Kerry.html

28 January 2020

Great (And Chilly) MS1 On The Caha Mountains Last Weekend

Huge thanks and well done to everyone completing Mountain Skills 1 last weekend in the Caha Mountains! One day of thick mist and freezing rain in the desolation of Barley Lake; followed by one day of blue sky sun on the Cork/Kerry border 😀

22 January 2020

Winter Mountaineering Training Day - Course Program

Winter Mountaineering Training Day - Course Program:

Helmet & Harness
Rope Flake
Rope Coil
Rope Tie In Around Waist
Rope Tie In Through Harness

Moving Roped Together As Two
Moving Roped Together As Four
Tight Rope At All Times
Rear Person Holds Back/Slows Down

Ice Axe Handling
Using Axe For Walking
Using Axe For Picking
Plunge Ice Axe Arrest

Rigid Boots V Flexible Boots
Rigid Crampons V Flexible Crampons
Adjusting & Fitting Crampons
Walking In Crampons
Climbing In Crampons

Moving Roped Together With Axe & Crampon
Placing Sling As Runner
Placing Nut/Hex As Runner
Using Runner
Transferring A Runner From In Front Of You To Behind You

Moving Along A Fixed Line
Moving Around An Anchor On A Fixed Line (Two Sling Method)

Mountain Hazards
Mountain Gear
Mountain Mistakes (Lack Of Food/Lack Of Water/Dehydration/Hypothermia/Hyperthermia/Stress/Altitude/Lack Of Prep/Lack Of Fitness/Lightning/Avalanche/Rock Fall/Blizzard)

Rethread Figure Of Eight & Stopper
Clove Hitch
Overhand Knot

Full Mountaineering & Rock Climbing Resources Here
Basic Mountain Gear
Placing An Anchor