22 January 2017

Beginner To Lead Climber

Our next six-day Beginner To Lead Climber Course starts Fri 3rd Feb.

Full dates are 3rd - 5th Feb plus 10th - 12th Feb.

Places left available if you are interested in booking a place.

For more details please contact Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com or 086 860 45 63.

15 January 2017

13 January 2017

Hiking Boots & Socks

Students sometimes ask about taking spare socks with them outdoors, so if their boots and socks become wet they can change.

My answer is that if you have wet socks you will also have wet boots, so spare dry socks will simply become wet again.

If you are over-nighting then definitely bring spare socks. Nothing nicer than climbing into your shelter or sleeping bag with dry socks on your cold feet. However if just outdoors for a single day I would wear a pair of good quality hiking socks, with a thinner pair of socks over or under them.

Wearing two pairs of socks is super comfy, protects better from pounding and blisters. Also if your boots become wet two pairs of socks gives you a wetsuit type effect, hopefully keeping your feet warm.

By all means empty your boots of water and wring out your wet socks if need be. In tough conditions too much stop/starting and messing with boots/socks can become an issue. I have seen this slow down a group far too much, resulting in being caught in darkness and the inset of hypothermia. If your feet are wet simply keep going, unless you have a good reason for otherwise.

Best of all though keep feet as dry as possible for as long as possible. This means good quality leather hiking boots, with a good welt and a high rand. Laced securely. A pair of gaiters. Waterproof trousers on in advance of being needed. Walking pole in boggy ground. Good route choice and navigation planning, for example, instead of cutting through a depressed wet boggy area choose to follow a spur or ridge to the side.

Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

10 January 2017

Bushcraft Skills 1 + Forest Navigation Skills

We have two pretty awesome training courses coming up.

The first is Bushcraft Skills 1 on 21st & 22nd Jan; covering survival skills, shelter building, fire building, cooking, water sterilization and food foraging.

The second is Forest Navigation Skills on 25th & 26th Feb; covering the skills to navigate confidently and comfortably through deep dense forest. This includes a mix of map navigation, compass navigation, tracking skills, and using the wind/sun/trees/moss/water.

For more details please contact Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com or 086 860 45 63.

4 January 2017

The Yew Tree

The Yew Tree - all parts toxic apart from the berry, which is delicious. The seed within the berry is highly toxic though and must be carefully removed.

The foliage is actually more toxic than the seeds, and increases in toxicity when dried.

Yew seeds or needles used to be dried and ground into powder which was used as a fatal poison in medieval days. Predating that Celtic warriors, and warrior tribes around the world, would sometimes carry yew poison to self-ingest if they were captured by an enemy and through torture there was a risk of betraying their tribe.

Yew poisoning symptoms include increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, collapse and cardiac arrest.

Even yew pollen can cause headaches, lethargy, aching joints, skin rashes; and is a trigger for asthma.

Having said that yew is an beautiful and majestic tree, often reaching 400 - 600 years of age, with huge druidic, historic and religious importance. I have a large yew growing beside our wood shed and am delighted to have it there.

22 December 2016

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your interest, support and bookings over the past year.

Here are our various scheduled courses for the first two months of 2017 if you are considering some outdoor training:

Mountain Skills 1
7th - 8th Jan : Killarney/Kerry
18th - 19th Feb : Glengarriff/Cork

Mountain Skills 2
14th - 15th Jan : Glengarriff/Cork

Bushcraft Skills 1
21st - 22nd Jan : Killarney/Kerry

Bushcraft Foraging
28th Jan : Glengarriff/Cork
24th Feb : Glengarriff/Cork

Bushcraft Cooking
29th Jan : Glengarriff/Cork

Learn To Lead Climb (Beginner To Lead Climber/RC3)
3rd - 5th Plus 10th - 12th Feb

Forest & Jungle Navigation
25th - 26th Feb : Glengarriff/Cork

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Thanks, Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

20 December 2016

Dealing With Lightning

Lightning strikes are more common than you may think in Ireland. In fact with our work over the past three years we have had lightning strikes close by while on the Burren Hills and while kayaking on Lough Lein.

5 seconds between lightning flash and thunder = 1 mile. When the lightning is six miles away or closer (which is 30 seconds) it is time to take cover.

Get off the water or off wet/boggy ground. Get off high points/exposed points, for example get into a re-entrant instead of a spur. Stay away from tall structures. Discard metal tools, such as walking pole/climbing gear/kayak paddle. Spread out your party to 30 meters between each person.

Get insulated off ground by sitting on backpack, kayak, buoyancy aid. Get into 'lightning crouch' which is squatting on ground, head tucked into chest and hands covering ears.

Best of all though check a local weather forecast (www.windguru.com is good). Be conscious of what the weather did the previous day. Be aware of how the day is unfolding in relation to large dark clouds forming, heat building up. If you stay alert generally you will see a storm building up and approaching you; which gives you time to take preventative action...

10 December 2016

Mountain Skills 1 - Killarney - 17th & 18th Dec

We have a Mountain Skills 1 Training Course this Sat 17th & Sun 18th Dec, running in the Kerry Hills, close to Killarney. There is one place left for this course. If you are interested please contact Nathan on info@outdoorsireland.com or 086 860 45 63.

More MS1 Details Here

9 December 2016

Climbing & Bushcraft Photos From Two Recent Courses

Sorry I have been a bit slack with photos recently. The work camera took a dive into the ocean and is not the same since. I am aspiring to buy a waterproof camera in the next couple of weeks and get back shooting again. Nathan