5 February 2021

Scramble Skills 1 Syllabus

Scramble Skills 1 Syllabus
This is a non-official, non-certified, training course. Course Directed By Nathan Kingerlee. This is the first part of becoming a competent, safe, self sufficient mountaineer - able to tackle mountain routes and scrambles, using a rope. Scramble Skills 2 Follows On Next.

Harness & Helmet
Rope Carry
Rope Flake
Rope Coil
Tie In x 2 (Waist/Harness)
Bucket Seat x 3 (Bucket/Wedge/Foot)
Body Belay Above
Body Belay Below
Lower Above
Lead Step
Second Step
Classic Abseil

Safe Start
Safe Wrap
Safe Communication

Foot Technique
Hand Technique
Body Technique

Test Rock
Test Anchor

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