23 January 2018

My Spring Nature Diary

Mon 8th Jan : Saw my first snowdrops of the spring in flower!

Sat 20th Jan : Saw my first frogspawn of the spring in a mountain stream, deep in a narrow high glen of the Killarney Mountains.
Mon 22nd Jan : Past two nights, while brushing my teeth outside, I have heard the sound of croaking frogs coming from the front garden, as they lay their frogspawn.

Tues 23rd Jan : Came across the first tiny green buds on a hazel tree.
Wed 24th Jan : Cleared out our front garden 'frog pond' of winter branch debris, built a bit of a stone patio around it, and was visited by this beautiful little grey wagtail!

Thurs 26th Jan : Out in the dark, with a head torch, I came across a small pond with seven little frog heads peering out of the water at me; and seven pairs of frog eyes reflecting back at me! As I stepped closer one by one these heads sank below the water, leaving behind just a few bubbles and swirls.

Thurs 1st Feb : Saw a beautiful large yellow full moon sinking slowly below the Caha Mountain Range this morning, plus a very friendly song thrush in a holly tree.

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