14 April 2017

Upcoming Kayaking Tours For Killarney Lakes & Glengarriff Bay

Upcoming Next Week:
Thurs 20th : Killarney Lakes Afternoon Kayaking
Fri 21st : Glengarriff Bay Morning Sea Kayaking
Sat 22nd : Killarney Lakes Morning Kayaking
Sat 22nd : Glengarriff Bay Afternoon Sea Kayaking
Sun 23rd : Killarney Lakes Morning Kayaking
Sun 23rd : Glengarriff Bay Afternoon Sea Kayaking
Mon 24th : Killarney National Park Full-Day Kayaking
Tues 25th : Killarney Lakes Morning Kayaking

To Book Please Contact Nathan:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

I am working out of office for a few days and will get back to you first thing on Thurs 20th.

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