22 December 2016

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your interest, support and bookings over the past year.

Here are our various scheduled courses for the first two months of 2017 if you are considering some outdoor training:

Mountain Skills 1
7th - 8th Jan : Killarney/Kerry
18th - 19th Feb : Glengarriff/Cork

Mountain Skills 2
14th - 15th Jan : Glengarriff/Cork

Bushcraft Skills 1
21st - 22nd Jan : Killarney/Kerry

Bushcraft Foraging
28th Jan : Glengarriff/Cork
24th Feb : Glengarriff/Cork

Bushcraft Cooking
29th Jan : Glengarriff/Cork

Learn To Lead Climb (Beginner To Lead Climber/RC3)
3rd - 5th Plus 10th - 12th Feb

Forest & Jungle Navigation
25th - 26th Feb : Glengarriff/Cork

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Thanks, Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

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