2 September 2013

Great Galway Sea Kayaking Feedback!

Dear Nathan, This is a letter that is a long time coming, we went out on Galway Bay together on June 25th, 2013.

It was the first day you had your Land Rover, hope it is running well and giving you access to all sorts of things.

There you are, with the wind and the waves behind you. High tide, having gone to the old light house and then to Hare Island and back.

There I am, fortunately you did not take a picture of me kissing the ground. I did take some of it home in a jar. The spot on the picture is a droplet of water on the lens.

I want to tell you that I recommend your service highly. I found you to be very professional and safety oriented. You did a very good job of evaluating my skills and my shortcomings, then you were able to lead me through a really exciting experience that took me to the top of my skills. I have not had so much fun nor challenge since I was 19; I am now 76. One of the things that makes a good teacher is the ability to make small well directed comments that enables the person to make immediate improvement and does not distract with too much information. (“Use foot pressure on the same side you are paddling.” “Keep steady paddling rather than quick strokes.” Riding the waves, “Correct with forward strokes, c strokes.”  rather than reverse strokes to keep momentum.) The other contribution was being very knowledgeable about the area and being a good historian.

Wish I lived closer I am sure I would have gone with you again.

Cordially, John

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