21 February 2013

Mountain Skills 2 Syllabus

Here is a list of the course content for our Mountain Skills 2 Courses. We run our Mountain Skills Training Courses in Kerry, Galway and Wicklow. These courses are approved by Mountaineering Ireland.  Mountain Skills 2 Syllabus

Mountaineering Ireland/BOS Mountain Skills/Mountain Leader

Mountain Hypothermia - Causes/Recognition/Treatment/Prevention

3 Norths - True/Grid/Magnetic

Set Map With Features
Set Map With Compass
Compass Bearing
Back Bearing
Back Pack Drop
Feature Recognition – Close/Distant
Handrail Navigation
Contour Navigation
Cut Off Point
Tick Off Point
Attack Point
Aiming Off

Night Navigation - Reasons/Actions/Compass Leap Frog

Route Planning - Identify Quality Mountain Walks/Route Card/Bad Weather Route/Escape Route

Mountain Rescue - Mountain Rescue Ireland/Incident Procedure/Scenario/Call Out Procedure

Route Finding/Look At Big Picture
Safe Movement
Safe Haven
Environment Considerations

Recap Day 1

Mountain Skills Assessment Feedback
 Mountain Skills 2 Syllabus

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