23 April 2010

Cliff Hanging Girls

Did you know that proper rock climbing is actually more about technique and balance, rather than strength and brute force?

‘I’m often hearing feedback from people that rock climbing is dangerous and difficult and really only for guys’ says Nathan Kingerlee, of Outdoors Ireland, ‘but that’s definitely untrue. Movies like Cliffhanger don’t help with this misconception! Rock climbing is very much about balance and being graceful, with some of the best climbers being female.’

Whereas guys can rely on their strength to pull themselves up cliffs, women usually stop and think about what they’re doing and plan how they’re going to make the next move. Unfortunately a lot of women who would like to try climbing don’t know this, or are put off by misconceptions, or worried about being under pressure surrounded by guys.

To this end Outdoors Ireland have organized a weekend’s rock climbing just for women, where they can try it out and learn the ropes, with no guys around, so no need to feel under pressure.

‘We’re calling it Climbing for Girls and it will be a chance for any interested women, of all and any ability, to come and try it in the Gap of Dunloe, with friendly support, small groups and plenty of fun!’ says Kingerlee.

There will be a mixture of easy rock climbs to try and then harder climbs for anyone looking to push themselves.

All Equipment Provided
Half-Days & Full-Days Available
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd May
Price From €50
Pre-Booking Essental
For more details contact:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63.

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