28 October 2009

Muckross Lake Monster

It all began in January 2004 when the Irish Charr Conservation Group discovered some strange results from their echo sounder read-outs in Muckross Lake. They were surveying fish-life in Kerry's ice age lakes when their hyroaccoustic equipment stumbled across an 80 metre long object.
''We have been unable to identify what exactly the image is, but we know that it is not a computer or logging error as the gear was functioning normally'' said Andrew Long, specialist fisheries consultant with River Monitoring Technology.

A dubious photo, taken in 1981, exists which shows an object rising out of the water. I have my doubts as to how genuine this image is, but click here to see the photo and scroll down the page.

Going further back in time, many Irish legends exist in the Killarney and the MacGillycuddy Reeks referring to a Piastha, Worm, or Serpent. In fact one of the lakes high in the impressive Black Valley is told to have been formed by a great serpent; while in the MacGillycuddy Reeks one of the peaks is called 'Cnoc na Peiste' (Peak of the Serpent).

September of this year saw some video footage recorded of strange happenings in the edge of Muckross Lake, which can't be fully explained. See the below video.

Some scientists believe it may be a giant 20 metre white eel, grown to a monstrous size by the plentiful food supply and warm murky waters; others believe it may be an ancient pre-historic creature.

Until we know more it's advisable that you don't go onto the Lakes of Killarney, especially Muckross Lake, by yourself.
Avoid walking too near the water's edge, where the ground drops steeply into deep water.
With the darkening evenings if you walk in the National Park, let someone know where you're going.
Carry a torch as bright light should dazzle any creature you may stumble upon and may give you an opportunity to escape.
If you do encounter any creature run as fast as you can!

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