31 March 2011

Families In The Wild - Kerry

RTE's Families In The Wild is proving an interesting program with some good learning points emerging from it. Kerry looks fantastic, with wild mountain scenery, blue shimmering lakes and endless rolling Atlantic... Watch The Latest Show

It brings me back to what seems like a lifetime ago when I worked in Scotland, dealing with Prince's Trust Groups, tackling learning outcomes and issues through the medium of white water rafting, canyoning and team challenges...

What these three families are experiencing in terms of outdoor activities can be just as easily adopted by any other family in the country willing to spend some time together outdoors.

Even without the in-depth reviews; just the opportunity for a family to work together, communicate, raise issues and ultimately bond and share experiences can go a long, long way towards improving family relationships. A day spent kayaking and rock climbing as a family unit can have long-lasting benefits, far beyond the excitement and adrenaline created on the day...

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