20 June 2017

18 June 2017

Sublime Kayaking On The Lakes Of Killarney

Kayaking Tour on the Lakes of Killarney yesterday, Saturday, in stunning sublime conditions! Saw so much wildlife, including dragon flies, damsel flies, jumping trout, red deer, a young stag and drying out cormorants... Had a superb day with a morning kayak trip, an afternoon kayak trip and a sunset kayak trip out across the Killarney Lakes and deep into Killarney National Park.

15 June 2017

Looking After Your Rock Climbing Gear

On climbing courses we get asked about equipment care - it is pretty simple.

Firstly look after it while climbing. Don't stand on anything and don't drop anything, including the metal gear. Keep out of mud and definitely keep out of salt water.

Rinse harness, helmet and metal gear in fresh water and hang to air dry. Rinse climbing shoes in fresh water and perhaps add some disinfectant (only for shoes); then hang to air dry.

For ropes and slings (especially if you have been sea cliff climbing) soak overnight in at least two clean sets of fresh water; then hang to air dry.

12 June 2017

Canoeing & Portwest

Two weeks ago I was back on the Kerry rivers, doing some work for an invasive survey of our waterways. The Brown Flesk was high and brown, with nice flow after several days rain.

Weather was wet and cool - a real Irish summer day! I was in the Portwest Erris Softshell Jacket plus the Portwest Salzburg Salopettes and delighted with both sets of gear. Warm, breathable and really nicely waterproof.

Especially impressed with the Salzburg Salopettes - I have been using them a bit recently for canoeing and kayaking work - they seem to be well beyond their advertised level of waterproofness which is awesome!

High point of this day was following a kingsfisher downstream and seeing it's waterside perch, covered in droppings.

7 June 2017

Erris Softshell Jacket - Portwest

The Erris Softshell Jacket is one of the pieces of gear from Portwest I have been using over the past months and is rapidly becoming my favorite piece of kit; bar my flask of tea!

I have worn a few softshell jackets over the years and this is my favorite and best performing.

It fits nicely and has a tapered body, so does not get buffeted on a windy day in the hills. The arms have good length to them and the cuffs close really well with good grippy velcro. On climbing courses, especially on a cold or wet day, when reaching outward or upward sleeves can often ride up; same with the waist of a jacket. Great thing about the Erris is neither sleeve nor waist rides up.

Super breathable. Warm to wear, without being heavy. Good chest pocket for my compass or my session plan! The zip on the chest pocket is waterproof and I imagine the jacket would let in water before the zip would. Good draw cord at the bottom to keep the wind out and having had a couple of wet days in it I can testify to how efficiently it drys out. In fact on a recent rock climbing course and a wet wet day, I gave away my proper waterproof coat to a student who had forgotten their coat. I therefore ended up wearing the Erris in proper wet rainy conditions beyond what it is designed for and was super impressed with how waterproof it proved.

The final thing I really like about this softshell is that the hood pulls snugly over a climbing helmet, which is a great little design feature.

2 June 2017

Sunset Kayaking On The Lakes Of Killarney

Our Killarney Lakes Sunset Kayaking Trips are now in full swing and are probably our most spectacular kayak tour! To ensure availability please pre book as far in advance as possible here; and for a last min booking please text message 00353 86 860 45 63. Thanks, Nathan

Watch The Sun Set In The West Over Killarney National Park & Dingle On This Magical Kayak Trip

Kayak silently past rustling islands and sleepy swans. From your kayak see the mystical 6th century abbey ruins on Innisfallen Island and hopefully glimpse some of Ireland's last native red deer. Return by kayak to Ross Castle in twilight, and possibly moonlight, as nightfall creeps over the oak and yew woods.

No Previous Kayaking Experience Is Needed

25 May 2017

Is It Hard To Find Good Locations For Bushcraft?

On bushcraft skills courses people often ask how to find the ideal bushcraft location in their area. Or mention how difficult it is to find somewhere with all the resources needed.

My answer is - of course some places can be sparse, but in general it is about improvisation.

Photo 1 here shows birch woods for shelter, tinder + fuel. A glade of birch in a hollow like this can often mean a stream. Yellow gorse for eating. Bracken for building shelter + mattress. Young bracken shoots also for eating.

Photo 2 here shows dense pine forest for shelter + fuel. Pine sap is nicely flammable and makes a good antiseptic wound dressing. Pine root is one of the best (and simplest) cordages you will find. There will be sphagnum moss in the pine forest - also hugely useful. Birch trees on the edge for birch bark tinder. Green and brown bracken for building shelter + mattress. Brambles for cordage, eating + making bramble leaf tea.

Photo 3 here shows similar resources to previous photo; along with puddles for gathering water (use sphagnum moss to soak up, then squeeze into a pan to sterilize). Ditch on either side of road you would expect to hold moisture. Road leading into forest great as a linear location feature/collecting feature.

Top Rope Session On A Lead Climb Course - Gap Of Dunloe

Part 1 Of A Learn To Lead Climb Course, Running In Gap Of Dunloe & Dingle Sea Cliffs. Here the students are setting up a top rope anchor system, then bringing up their climbing partner. The aim of this session is to work on solid top rope belaying plus the 'start procedure' or communication needed.

18 May 2017

Kayaking Trips & Mountain Skills 1 This Week

Over the coming days we have the following available:

Fri 19th : 6pm : Killarney Lakes Sunset Kayaking : €60pp

Sat 20th & Sun 21st : 930am : Mountain Skills 1 Course : €170pp

Sat 20th : 10am + 2pm + 6pm : €60pp
Killarney Lakes Half-Day Kayaking

Sun 21st : 10am + 2pm + 6pm : €60pp
Killarney Lakes Half-Day Kayaking

Tues 23rd : 6pm : Killarney Lakes Sunset Kayaking

To Book Any Of These Please Email info@outdoorsireland.com Or Text Message 086 860 45 63. Thanks, Nathan

29 April 2017

Expect Terrible Customer Care Up To 16th May; But Please Do Get In Touch!

I am working out of office running training courses up to Tues 16th May. I will get back to phone calls and emails as quickly as possible; however apologies in advance if things are not as efficient as normal!

For a last minute booking, or anything urgent, please text message me on 00353 86 860 45 63.

Here are our upcoming courses and guided trips: http://www.outdoorsireland.com/upcoming.php

We also most likely have availability for extra guided kayak trips to suit your schedule...

Thanks a million, Nathan - Outdoors Ireland

22 April 2017

Kayak Tour On The Lakes Of Killarney Last Week

Some photos from a guided kayak tour on the Lakes Of Killarney and Killarney National Park last week. Beautiful conditions, calm waters and really nice people!

14 April 2017

Upcoming Kayaking Tours For Killarney Lakes & Glengarriff Bay

Upcoming Next Week:
Thurs 20th : Killarney Lakes Afternoon Kayaking
Fri 21st : Glengarriff Bay Morning Sea Kayaking
Sat 22nd : Killarney Lakes Morning Kayaking
Sat 22nd : Glengarriff Bay Afternoon Sea Kayaking
Sun 23rd : Killarney Lakes Morning Kayaking
Sun 23rd : Glengarriff Bay Afternoon Sea Kayaking
Mon 24th : Killarney National Park Full-Day Kayaking
Tues 25th : Killarney Lakes Morning Kayaking

To Book Please Contact Nathan:
+353 (0) 86 860 45 63

I am working out of office for a few days and will get back to you first thing on Thurs 20th.

11 April 2017

Mountain Skills 2 Training In The Sunny Burren Hills, Galway

Photos from a Mountain Skills 2 Training Course in the Burren Hills last weekend. Conditions were spectacular and the sun was reflecting off the white limestone slabs, like sun on the water.
Everyone went home a little sunburnt!

7 April 2017

Guillemots & Seals

Sea Kayaking In Glengarriff Bay On Thursday. Saw an eagle, numerous seals, black guillemots and a little egret!

I used the Portwest Nephin Jacket as my waterproof cag for the kayak trip and was delighted with it (even though it is designed for the mountains). It is tough and really nicely breathable!

29 March 2017

Upcoming Mountain Skills 1 In Kinvara, Galway

We have a Mountain Skills 1 coming up in Kinvara, Galway; based in the spectacular Burren Hills, on Sat 8th & Sun 9th Apr.

There are some places left available for this training course, so if interested please do get in touch on 086 860 45 63 or info@outdoorsireland.com. Thanks, Nathan