22 January 2020

Winter Mountaineering Training Day - Course Program

Winter Mountaineering Training Day - Course Program:

Helmet & Harness
Rope Flake
Rope Coil
Rope Tie In Around Waist
Rope Tie In Through Harness

Moving Roped Together As Two
Moving Roped Together As Four
Tight Rope At All Times
Rear Person Holds Back/Slows Down

Ice Axe Handling
Using Axe For Walking
Using Axe For Picking
Plunge Ice Axe Arrest

Rigid Boots V Flexible Boots
Rigid Crampons V Flexible Crampons
Adjusting & Fitting Crampons
Walking In Crampons
Climbing In Crampons

Moving Roped Together With Axe & Crampon
Placing Sling As Runner
Placing Nut/Hex As Runner
Using Runner
Transferring A Runner From In Front Of You To Behind You

Moving Along A Fixed Line
Moving Around An Anchor On A Fixed Line (Two Sling Method)

Mountain Hazards
Mountain Gear
Mountain Mistakes (Lack Of Food/Lack Of Water/Dehydration/Hypothermia/Hyperthermia/Stress/Altitude/Lack Of Prep/Lack Of Fitness/Lightning/Avalanche/Rock Fall/Blizzard)

Rethread Figure Of Eight & Stopper
Clove Hitch
Overhand Knot

Full Mountaineering & Rock Climbing Resources Here
Basic Mountain Gear
Placing An Anchor

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