12 November 2019

Surviving The M50 / Motorway Survival

Surviving The M50 / Motorway Survival:

Have been thinking about this for a while, and have some dates planned for a one-day, intensive and fun, course; 930am-530pm and €100pp.

Ever wondered what you'd do if caught in a survival situation in day to day living? Stuck on the side of the M50, or a remote country road? Bus-breakdown or train-breakdown middle of the countryside? You always think these things will never happen to you - until they do! No communication, no phone battery, no emergency services, adverse weather, someone injured, snow storm, trees across road cutting access, simple breakdown in a heatwave...

Being close enough to see the lights of civilization/safety does not always mean you can reach safety easily, or safety can reach you. Sometimes, especially with your family in the back seat, the safest and best option is to hunker down and wait for daylight, wait for six-hours, wait for twelve-hours, let the storm pass...

This one-day outdoor based program will cover the preparation, the mental attitude and thought process, the skills and the basic equipment needed to give you knowledge, confidence and choices - should a situation arise

We also cover a basic kit bag or kit bucket of gear, similar to a survival bug-out bag. We cover how to enjoy the situation you are in, and learn from it; unless of course it is an extreme emergency situation - which will probably not be enjoyable - but will have high stakes and high consequences.

Sometimes even the simplicity of making a hot brew, heating a tin of beans, foil blanket wrap under your jumper, slapping on a bandage and having the patience/confidence to sit tight for a few hours is all that is needed.

Sat 16th Nov : Killarney
Sat 23rd Nov : Wicklow
Sat 21st Dec : Killarney

Nathan Kingerlee : info@outdoorsireland.com : 086 860 45 63

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