6 November 2019

Simple Wilderness/Bushcraft Fire Setup

Setting A Campfire?

Here's A Nice Way To Go About It:

1. Big wet log or stump at back of fire (downwind side of fire). This contains the fire, prevents spread, reflects back a little heat and may well give you some red embers in morning. Depending on the shape of your back log - you may be able to sit a pot to simmer, as in first photo.

2. Smaller log at front of fire, again to contain fire, and cut down on fuel wastage.

3. Pyramid lay or teepee lay to your sticks to get fire going and initially roaring up.

4. Two to four long logs in fire, placed in from sides. This is called a star lay. As the fire fully catches and your star logs burn nicely, you can simply push them in to keep fire going, or increase heat. Or pull the star logs apart to slow down fire. See second photo especially for this.

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